ZLATA OGNEVICHThe Ukrainian butterfly Zlata Ognevich lifts the veil on her staging. Zlata shared more details on her show and explained its concept. According to Zlata, the Ukrainian entry, her stage show will reflect the main message of the song.

“Achieving your dream requires lots of efforts, despite all the obstacles which may arise on your way. Dreams beckon but too often social conventions and prejudices get on the way as we face the temptation to give up. It takes lots of inner strength to follow your heart and achieve what you wish for. This is what Gravity is all about.”

The stage story will feature a giant man who brings the singer to a “magic circle”. When she finds herself in a fairy forest, she suddenly gains a supernatural power.” Zlata explains that a giant is a metaphor character meaning her inner strength which helps to achieve her dream despite the dense forests and tricky mountain trails on her way.

Zlata Ognevich said the giant is a real person invited to take part in the show. His name is yet unrevealed though. He is the sixth artist on stage. The other four are backing vocalists, one of them being Cleveland Watkiss, described as a “Jazz Legend” by Telegraph.