STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Swedish twin sisters and songwriters Ylva and Linda Persson, also known as duo One Voice are trying their luck once again this year, in order to send at least one of their compositions to Copenhagen stage. We’ve been lucky enough to get an interview with those talented artists.


First of all can you tell us a bit more about your duo “OneVoice”, its history and its records?
Over 15 years of experience of song writing and music production as well as artists in cover bands, TV, radio and music/singing competitions such as “Svensktoppen nästa”. We compose Swedish and International melodic pop and dance music. During the last three years we have put all our efforts into reaching the Eurovision by finding cooperations with talented artists around Europe. This lead to our participation in Eurovision Moldova 2013 as composers, producers and backing vocalists. We won the European Home Composed song contest in 2009 with the song “Här kommer solen” and in January we are entering a Swedish TV series as composers for a theme song. We are also regularly doing performances with our coverband “The Coverbox” or as solo artists at company events and dinner shows (ABBA, schlager).

Last year, you composed the song “I Need You Know” for Inaya, who took part to “O Melodie Pentru Europe”, the Moldovan selection. Can you tell us a bit more about this experience?
It was a dream come true and a fantastic experience to travel to Moldova and join Inaya and her dancers on stage as backing vocalists and composers, being our first time in a national selection. It was an interesting and hectic week in the capital Chisinau making the stage act come together with vocals, background, light and coreography and also to get to know Inaya, as we had never met in person before. We were one of the few foreign composers and the only foreign backing vocalists that came to Moldova to represent our song and there were some cultural contrasts as well as language barriers that we had to work on during the week. This great experience surely gave us new energy to continue making new music and working with more talented artists around Europe.

In 2014, your songs were selected in 3 national finals (Ukraine, Belarus and Malta). How did you select those countries?
Since Moldova we have worked really hard non-stop, to write and produce new songs and contacting talented artists around Europe. From these many cooperations and submissions to several countries we were selected in Ukraine, Belarus and Malta and are really grateful for being given this opportunity. We feel that the wonderful artists Natalia, Janet and Romina are all worthy winners to go to Eurovision in Copenhagen.

Do you expect to enter other national finals this year?
We will of course try our luck by submitting our songs to more countries before this Eurovision season is over.

Can we know a bit more about those three entries?
“Love makes you beautiful” is competing in Ukraine on Saturday 21 December with the well-known, talented Ukranian artist Natalia Valevskaya celebrating 10 years as an artist and won first prize at the International Competition by Alla Pugacheva. The song is a contemporary modern pop dance song with dubstep elements and we are sure that Natalia and her team of dancers and backing vocalist will give us a spectacular show. Lyrics, music and production by Ylva and Linda, co-producer Bayans Music. The song is about loving and being the only one you can be – yourself!

“You will be here” is competing in Belarus on January 10 with the diploma winning artist Janet who has been on the professional scene for more than 15 years. She is a three-times finalist in Eurovision Belarus, collaborates with leading Belarusian TV channels and has toured with TATU, Baccara and Army of Lovers in international concerts. The song is produced and written by Ylva and Linda, lyrics by Niclas Haglund, mix and mastering by Anders Carlqvist, bass and guitars by Patric Skog and Peter Lundgren, violins by Björn Malmqvist. This team have added a genuine orchestral sound to this emotional, melancholic love ballad where a woman is writing a letter to a distant boyfriend waiting his freedom in custody. The woman expresses her passion and hope for them to be united.

“Addictive” is an contemporary, edgy mid-tempo pop song with talented Romina Mamo who was previously a finalist in Malta Eurovision 2012 and has won Malta International Hit Song contest. The semi final will take place on February 7 and we are confident that Romina will make a fantastic, performance with a great dancing act to reach the final on February 8th. Music, lyrics and production by Ylva and Linda. Mixing and mastering by Anders Carlqvist and bass and guitars by Patric Skog. We hope that the song will be just as addictive as the title describes and we want to bring about the passion and the power of love that can be such a roller coaster in a a on-and-off relationship.

Will you take part to the finals yourselves (as you did last year as Inaya’s backing singers) or will you remain backstage?
We will be going to Belarus on the 10th of January to join Janet on stage as backing vocalists.

As Swedish artists, have you ever tried to enter Melodifestivalen? Why?
It has always been our goal to reach Melodifestivalen and it still is, as composers and/or artists. In 2010 we competed as artists and song writers in Melodifestivalens web joker and took the 11th place with our song “Varje steg” (“My destiny”).

What is your connection with the Eurovision Song Contest?
Our passion for Eurovision goes back a long way, it started in 1983 with Carola winning with “Främling” in Sweden and since then we’ve always been true fans of this contest. It has all the element we love, a mix of great new music, cultures and languages. It has been our source of inspiration to writing our own music for over 20 years. As young girls we used to stand in front of the TV and imitate the artists and languages, therefore it comes natural to us to work with and travel to different European countries.

Were you in Malmö for the 2013 edition? What did you think of the show and the songs?
Of course we went to Malmö to watch Eurovision 2013. It was a great and professional show and it’s always something extra to be part of it live and feel the atmosphere with all the Eurovision fans in the audience.

How do you explain your strong will to enter the Eurovision Song Contest?
Being a true fan of the contest is fun, but being part of the contest as composers and singers is fantastic! Our love and passion for the contest is very strong and it’s been part of our lives for so long. It’s a great way to spread our music and we’re of course interested to go further, develop and get recognized as female composer and producers.

It’s season greetings time, what can we wish “One Voice” for the forthcoming year?
We are looking forward to many new music opportunities during the upcoming year and of course it would be a dream come true to reach Eurovision in Copenhagen. We want to share all our love to everyone who supports us and our music and hope that you all will follow us in the future.

Swedish identical twin sisters – Song writers, producers, singers and show artists from Stockholm. Interested in music cooperations and perform at events and parties with singback shows.

Over 15 years of experience as composers of Swedish and International melodic pop/dance/country music with strong melodies and harmonies, for radio, TV and music competitions. In cooperation with the publishing company Songs of Sweden, known Swedish composers from Melodifestivalen, international producers and mixers, European artists and professional musicians.

Finalists as composers in Eurovision Ukraine 2014 with the song “Love makes you beautiful” and the artist Natalia Valevskaja.

Semi finalists as composers and producers in Eurovision Malta 2014 with the song “Addictive” and the artist Romina Mamo.

Semi finalists as composers, producers and backing vocalists in Eurovision Moldova 2013 with the artist Inaya and the song “I need you now”.

Winners of Directors’ Award in the Nashville International Song & Lyrics Contest for Christmas 2011, winners of the European contest Home Composed Song contest in 2009, were chosen as one of the 15 best to compete in the Swedish Radio Stockholm singing/music competition called Svensktoppen nästa, 11th place in final of Melodifestivalens webbjoker.

We regularly sing and perform with our cover band The Coverbox on events, private parties, weddings and clubs. Available for booking worldwide.

Written by Olivier Rocher (France)

Salut! Born just a few days after Marie Myriam's last victory for my homeland (that's a sign), I've been an ESC fan since Zagreb 1990. In late 2013, I was lucky enough to join the Oikotimes team and even attended my very first contest in situ in Wonderful Copenhagen. Then it was Vienna, Sofia, Stockholm and soon it will be Valletta and Kiev. More to come...