• Loucas A. Louca 6 years ago

    i trully agree with you, friend in most parts, but you forget in 2012 we were one of the favourites, with a strong show and artist that became a european hit for months! Thanks

  • Antaine Ó Cáthain (@anto475) 6 years ago

    There have been so many articles on this site that have an unbelievable slant or bias and I generally just laugh them off but I really must ask the question, Are you blind or something!? “Cyprus is not playing the political game of jury voting exchange or using the diaspora” – I can’t remember the last time that Greece and Cyprus were in the final together and I didn’t hear the words “Greece gives its 12 points to Cyprus” and “The 12 points from Cyprus goes to…Greece!”. This is a silly article, I may as well write one about how great RTP is and how Portugal are deserving of a win or how great TVM are and how Malta would make a great host. This website is a joke.

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 6 years ago

      Get your problems to a psychiatrist dear. HERE we write what WE want no matter what assholes like you want or not. Keep wondering though: if you don’t like us WHY you visit us? You must have an obsession! I completely undafherstand it, especially from people with narrow minds and with no life :-))) lots of greetings my friend!