Why Your Website Speed Matters?

website speed
Img Source - Milestone Blog

Today, there are innumerable websites on the internet, due to which online competition has never been fiercer.

Many factors help convert a potential customer to a loyal customer, and one of these factors is your site’s speed. A site that loads fast ranks higher on Google, and gains customer trust which eventually helps you boost your sales.

This article explains why it is important to improve your site’s speed…

Makes a good first impression

First impressions matter a lot. When a new visitor comes to your site, they will make a judgment about your business or website quality. If a website loads fast, it develops a good first impression on the visitor, and acts as a psychological trigger that can help you hold their attention.

Usually, a website that is clean and loads fast gives an impression to be professional and trustworthy. On the other hand, a slow website seems confusing, unsafe, and unprofessional. A user may think that the business itself is inefficient to run, so how would it help him run his own business.

Since the internet is full of competitors, it is hard to get a second chance from an unsatisfied user. That is why you should try to keep your website speed near 100%.  

Increases conversion rate

If your website speed is low, your conversion rate is going to be drastically affected by it. Around 40% of visitors leave a website that does not load within 3 seconds. It means if you have 1,000 visitors every day, 400 of them could abandon your site, and you could lose potential customers.

It would reduce your sales, and you would lose the purpose of having an online store or website. Therefore, check your website’s speed to make sure you do not lose your potential customers.

Improves user experience

A good user experience sets your site apart from your competitors and helps you boost your sales. A user comes to a site mainly for two reasons. One is to get what he is looking for, and the other is to get it fast.

That is why you should strive to give them what they need as fast as possible. Doing so will make your users happy and content. Next time if they need something again, they will most probably visit your site again.

Effects your site’s SEO

Web speed is one of the direct ranking factors that can affect your site’s SEO, says DigitalBarketing.co.uk. Google is on a mission to make access to online content easier and faster for its users.

So, when a user lands on your site that takes more than 3 seconds to load, he will most probably leave and open another site. It will eventually increase your site’s bounce rate and reduce user experience. Google prefers sites that have a good user experience over poor user experience sites.

If your server or site is slower than 2 seconds, Google will reduce the number of crawlers on it. A site that has fewer crawlers loses its ranking, and sites with more crawlers go above. Eventually, your site’s ranking will drop, and you will lose more potential customers.  This is why speed matters, so make sure you get it sorted.