Why Use DURASKIRT Exterior Cement-Concrete Board

man installing cement-concrete skirting

The Duraskirt cement-concrete board is the best choice for homeowners who need long-lasting skirting that also offers aesthetic appeal.

There are different types of skirting materials out there. You can find skirting materials for the exterior parts of your home that have been made of wood, concrete, or the grout boards. However, the exterior skirting boards that are made of cement-concrete have proven to be the best choice over the years for many reasons that we will discuss in the following part of this article.

The testimonials for Duraskirt exterior cement-concrete boards are excellent. The product has met the expectations of all homeowners, and the referral rate is very high.

Here are the reasons why you should use Duraskirt cement-concrete boards in the exterior parts of your home…


Everyone wants to use exterior skirting products that last for many years and are worth what they have paid. Duraskirt cement-concrete boards stand out from the rest because they last a lifetime. Other skirting products such as boards made from treated plywood will rot over time, and the job has to be redone at a later date. Materials such as plastic are not suitable for this type of product too.

Protection Against Pests

The installation process for Duraskirt cement-concrete boards is highly effective. The boards are mounted and backfilled without creating gaps in the skirting. This means that rodents and other pests cannot get into your home from the base. The design of the Duraskirt cement-concrete boards makes it possible to have hidden vents, without the threat of pests.

It is Perfect for Backfilling

Duraskirt exterior cement-concrete boards can be backfilled without any worries about compromising the boards. The design has been enhanced to support backfilling after the boards have been installed.

Backfilling is done with soil, and it is done to achieve a perfect blend between the Duraskirt cement-concrete boards and the landscape around your property.

Versatile Use

Duraskirt cement-concrete boards are perfect for the creation of skirting on different types of buildings. For example, the boards can be installed in permanent or mobile homes, pole buildings, modular homes, schools, hot tubs, and other types of movable structures.

The finishing is neat, and this is why so many people choose Duraskirt for their projects.

Resistance to Fire

Duraskirt cement-concrete boards are resistant to fire. This is why they are used in places where grass fires are common. The boards have been enhanced to withstand heat energy, which will go a long way to protect the entire building in the case of an outdoor fire incident.

From a distance, it won’t be apparent that skirting boards have been used in completing the project because the Duraskirt cement-concrete boards blend seamlessly with the building project. The finished look is always aesthetically appealing.

For the best results, we suggest that you should hire contractors who have experience regarding the professional installation of Duraskirt exterior cement-concrete boards. For more information, check out https://www.duraskirt.com/cement-concrete-board-skirting/.