What Is Public Liability Insurance? Everything You Need To Know

public liability insurance
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Doing some research before starting a business is essential. It enlightens you of all the requirements needed to launch your business and the type of insurance required to protect it. 

Public liability insurance is a vital cover for many businesses. You’ve probably come across it and wondered what it is? Why do you need it? And how it’ll help you as a business owner.

Read on to learn more!

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is a type of business insurance coverage that protects your company from third-party litigation costs linked to your business activities. It should be used along with your existing personal insurance, says Resclaim, a company that specializes in appealing rejected insurance claims.

Remember, legally, your business can sue or be sued. So, if a third-party files a claim against your business due to property loss, damage, personal injury, or death, public liability insurance comes to play. 

Why Do You Need Public Liability Insurance?

In essence, a lawsuit is investigated and evaluated before making the final verdict. If your company is liable, the court will grant justice to the complainant. The judiciary will determine how much you should compensate the plaintiff for the damage caused. 

Various factors will be considered to help determine how much you’ll need to payout. This may include the extent of damage caused, other parties suffering due to your negligence, the future impact of the injury caused, among others. 

Having public liability insurance will protect your business’s bottom line in such scenarios since the insurance provider will take charge of any costs related to such claims. Hence, you can continue running your business with confidence that you are protected against public liability claims. 

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public liability insurance safeguards your company from litigations made by external parties. It covers a wide range of misfortunes, which may include

• Bodily injuries or deaths caused to third parties

• Damages or loss of third party’s property

• Legal expenses that go into hiring a lawyer or payments made to the plaintiff if found legitimately liable.

Ideally, this type of insurance is only applicable if the said injures, and damages occur due to your business-related activities. 

Is Public Liability Insurance Valuable?

Running a business might be the greatest path to financial freedom. But it’s not always a flat path. Some unforeseen disasters can happen, causing havoc to your business and your personal life. But as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Obtaining public liability insurance will keep you armed if anything goes wrong.

Bear in mind that regardless of how cautious you might be accidents are prone to happen. Your customer may slip into your business premises and get injured, or your employees may damage their valuable possession, or your equipment may damage another party’s property while on the project site. 

Imagine the much it would cost to pay for those damages and the financial burden it would expose your business to. But with public liability insurance, you’ll be protected from all these inconveniences if you are declared legally accountable. 

Get Your Public Liability Insurance Today

The nature of disasters varies from one business to another. For instance, the type of accidents that are likely to face a cleaning service company will differ from those that may strike a drilling service company. 

But the good news is that this insurance cover is tailored to your business needs. Ensure you work with a well-versed insurance expert who can analyze the risks you are exposed to and help customize a policy suited for your company. 

What’s next? Acquiring the right cover for your type of venture is the first step to protecting your business’s revenue. Remember, some customers will evaluate your insurance coverage to determine if they’ll do business with you or not. That said, talk to us today about public liability insurance to protect your business and attract clients.