What are the Best Mother’s Day Flowers to Buy for Your Mum?

Buying flowers for Mother’s Day is often a difficult thing to do. It is the one time of year where you become a flower expert, wondering which ones are the best and deciding whether your mother would indeed like the bouquet that you are thinking about buying. But, if you take the time to choose flowers carefully, we are sure your mother will love the flowers you choose.

To help you with this big choice, we’ve decided to bring together our top picks for the very best flowers that you can send your Mum on Mother’s Day, with help from guernseyflowersbypost.co.uk.


Gerberas are a fantastic bouquet to buy. They may might not be the most well-known, but they are a type of flower that is known for conveying feelings of both happiness and joy. Gerberas are also known to be particularly related to children, as they are thought to be representative of children’s innocent hearts, which makes it particularly poignant for Mother’s Day. These flowers not only look great, but also send a nice message of love to your Mum.


Roses are not normally associated with Mother’s Day, as many consider them just for Valentine’s Day. There are many different colours of rose to choose from, so they don’t necessarily need to be red. For Mother’s Day, you may wish to choose yellow or orange roses.


Lilies are big and beautiful, and they are certainly expressive flowers which makes for a great Mother’s Day surprise. Expressive flowers could be considered an expression of love for your mother. This is why we would recommend that you consider Lilies.


Orchids are a great gift to give on Mother’s Day, because if cared for, they can then turn into house plants. It is thought that in Chinese tradition that Orchids signify “many offspring”, which makes it the perfect flower to give on Mother’s Day.


Alstroemerias are a little known flower, but they are wonderfully colourful and long lasting. Again, a message of ever-lasting love can be conveyed with these flowers.


Carnations are arguably the most traditional flowers to send to your mum on Mother’s Day, says SCMP. Carnations are bright and expressive, and there are many different colours that you can choose from.

Do you have any suggestions as to what are the best Mother’s Day flowers? If so, let us know.