• Antoinette Abela 6 years ago

    l dont watch TVM is more a political channel then a maltese channel. and everyone know that most of the programs are under people that are hand in hand with political people. so this is not new for me…. but i hope that Kevin will contest coz he is great :)

  • Marija Xuereb Powell 6 years ago

    Most probably all of the maltese people will vote for Kevin Borg, so I think that’s the reason why!!!! We love Kevin :)

  • Alexis Callus 6 years ago

    I am sure that your ignorance on Belarus can be rectified by a visit to the country and appreciation of the horrific state of affairs.

  • Marcell Fehér 6 years ago

    hahaha :D TVM is so ridiculous, everyone knows that Kevin will win there, and not because of the song or he can sing, he will get all the media attention in Malmö and will be a huge fan favourite and TVM knows that too