The 2016 edition of Junior Europrediction kicks off on November 6th. The new system of Europrediction is now relocated to a new platform to provide a more interactive, accurate and graphical presentation to you. This year the poll will be located at under a new format and technology. In order to vote you will login with your Facebook account in order to secure the accuracy of your vote which will also be secured by blocking your IP and cookies. You will be able to select your ten favourite countries by using the marks of 1-8, 10 and 12 for your favourite entries. IP locator will exclude your country, if participates in the event. When confirm your vote you will be able to see the results. There is also a jury voting for Junior Europrediction. Those of you interested to participate in the panel of juries (one person from each participating country) please contact us at with a detailed presentation of yourself. Results will be announced on November 20th before the live show begins.



The poll was created before the online edition of was online. In 1990 we predicted Italy to win something which coincided with the final result, in 1991 France was our favourite and actually it tied with Sweden in the first place. In 1992 Iceland was our favourite, in 1993 it was United Kingdom, in 1994 Greece, in 1995 Cyprus, in 1996 United Kingdom and in 1997, 1998 we predicted the winners again estimating UK and Israel to win respectively. In 1999 Iceland was our favourite, Austria in 2000 and Slovenia in 2001. Germany was our favourite predicted entry in 2002 followed by Russia in 2003 and then 2004 and 2005 managed to predict the winners, Ukraine and Greece respectively. Close to winner Russia was our prediction in 2006, Serbia was our accurate favourite in 2007 as well as Russia in 2008. United Kingdom was our readers favourite in 2009 and Ukraine in 2010. Then a series of accurate predictions began with Azerbaijan in 2011, Sweden in 2012 (we also got 8/10 for each of the semi finals), Denmark in 2013 (we also got 9/10 in each of the semifinals), Austria in 2014 (we got 8/10 in each of the semi finals) and Italy in 2015 (which actually won the tele voting) and in the semi finals we got 8/10 and 9/10 for each of the show. Russia was our readers favourite in 2016 while Ukraine was our jury favourite (we also get 9/10 in each of the semi finals)


When Junior Eurovision kicked off in 2003 we also launched the online poll for he event. In 2003 we predicted Belarus but it was in 2004 when we accurately predicted Spain to win. In 2005 our favourite was Romania, in 2006 it was Russia (actually we were the only web poll predicting them to win) and in 2007 our readers predicted FYR Macedonia to win. In 2008 again our readers predicted Georgia to win and in 2009 Russia was the pol’s favourite once again. In 2010 Georgia was the top favourite in our poll and in 2011 it was Moldova. 2012 and 2013 the poll predicted the winners (Ukraine and Malta respectively). In 2014 the poll predicted Malta to win and in 2015 predicted Australia.

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