SCANDIPOP.CO.UK REPORTS – This weekend’s episode of Alla Tiders Hits on SVT, finally gave the show its first actual hit. All it took was an Amy Diamond classic – being turned into a goth rock track by the ever understated YOHIO.

Credit where it’s due, he took the concept and went all the way with it. Even going so far as to crack out (and pop in) the Marilyn Manson eye-wear for the occasion, as well as a new black hair colour.

We love the original, and have done since its release in the mid noughties. And come to think of it, it always did have that creepy, kids horror flick soundtrack vibe to it. Well YOHIO pounced on that vibe and took it to the next level. Or at least a lower level anyway.

The song went to number 2 on Swedish iTunes, and has remained there since. Behind Avicii, of course.

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