BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – I could say that day two in Budapest was much, much better. At least for some things. It was good because we made a lot of good and interesting photos, but it was bad because the rain was pouring all day. Of course that reflected on the number of people of town. Today we went to the main and most popular pedestrian zone in the town – Vaci street.

There we found more tourist than local people so started to thing that our luck is starting to leave us again. But after an hour wandering around, we have found a big banner with a big A Dal commercial, so we stood there wainting for the people to pass by so even those who “do not” understand English can look at the big picture. They could at least understand the word favourite. And they did. They even knew to speek English, but many of them said that they either don’t watch television, either that they are not interested for the show.

A little bit down the street we bumped into a college, so we started to talk with people there and from those who wanted to talk with us, they all had the same answer – It is a waste of time and money and that MTV should have focused those funds for something that would gain attetion of more people. Since it has started to get dark and it is a Friday night, we went back to the mall to find more people to talk to.

In the end of the day I could say that Alex and I were happy that we finally did the job. Out of those who you will see in the video, one contestant is up in the front. I won’t tell you who it is. You will have to watch the video. Tomorrow is the big day, when we and whole Europe will see who will represent Hungary in Copenhagen this May. Since everybody has a different favorite, there will be many disappointed ones, so we all should just remember that that this a competition and there can be only one winner.

photos: Aleksandar Pešić /