OGO Show is the new show of Ruslana which includes tracks from the albums My Boo (2012) and Wild Dances (2004). Ruslana: “This drive is unforgettable. It can’t be repeated as it can’t be done in an artificial way. With my tour I wanted to hear, see and show YOUR DRIVE. And you did it! I am grateful to all those who understood and supported my idea!”

In 2012, Ruslana presented her new album and the mass show entitled OGO SHOW which is bases on the interactivity of a mass game. Also the singer presented a series of videos involving thousands of volunteers (singles ShaLaLa, Ogo! Ogo!, My Boo!, Rachmaninov).


The producers of the show are Ruslana herself and Olexander Ksenofontov. Co-producer is Pavlo Grytsak.

In spring 2012, Ruslana’s big All-Ukrainian tour dedicated to the football championship Euro 2012 took place. 11 concerts in an exclusive format of mass games were held in the biggest cities of Ukraine and had great success. The second wave of Ruslana’s mass show took place in autumn 2013 when she toured 13 cities of Western Ukraine. Apart from that the OGO SHOW was already conducted in New York and Philadelphia (USA), Ankara (Turkey) and Moscow (Russia) as part of the singer’s international concert activities.

The loudness record of the mass show was 119 dB achieved in Kyiv. That’s louder than a wind aircraft tunnel, ten motorbikes or the roaring of lions.

The OGO SHOW gathered more than 130,000 participants and 12,000 volunteers.

It took about 40 hours of broadcasting on TV and online.