Lots of activities and songs are available this week from our beloved Eurovision stars. We have news from Spain, Hungary, Croatia and more…

In Hungary, Kállay-Saunders András presented his new single “Juliet” at Viva Comet and an official video clip is expected soon. The man who brought Hungary in the top five of #Eurovision after many many many years proudly watches his career launched to the sky!

In 2013 Claudia Beni represented Croatia with a song penned by Andrej Babić. Today they are back together along with 90s popular Ivana Banfić and present a new song titled “Hrvatice vas vole”

In Spain, the 2012 representative Pastora Soler is releasing new song and fans across Europe are already excited with the song. The song is titled “Vive” and you can enjoy it below!

Last but not least Eleni Foureira (participant in 2010 Greek national final) released few days ago her brand new single titled “PSR” (Post Sleep Repeat) and lots of Greek Eurofans still anticipate her participation in #Eurovision some day soon!

Sweden’s representative and 3rd ranked Sanna Nielsen prepared to release her new album “7” inspired by her 7th attempt in the run for becoming Sweden’s Eurovision representative. Tracks like “Rainbow” and “Ready” from her upcoming album already gave a glimpse of what’s coming from Sanna.

Written by Norman Burdon (Canada)

It was a big time for me meeting the oikotimes.com guys and made me love the Eurovision Song Contest. I am intending to follow the Eurovision events the upcoming years and offer my services to the ultimate eurovision website!