The team had the honor to speak with man who brought the trophy in Greece with his choreography for Helena Paparizou and second place for Ukraine in 2008, third place for Sakis in 2004, plus the only top ten ever for Belarus in 2007.

In this video we had a chat with Mr Fokas Evangelinos, one of the most talented choreographers and directors ever known in the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year Azerbaijan has the honor to present its entry in Malmo under the directions of Fokas and already most press and media representatives speak highly for Farid Mammadov’s “Hold Me” predicting in the top 5 of the final!

The interview started with Fokas saying that it’s his first time in Malmo and he thinks it’s a fantastic city.

Regarding the Eurovision 2013 organization he thinks that everything is perfect. With such a great record behind him (Russia 2006 came 2nd, Ukraine 2008 came 2nd, Greece 2004 came 3rd, Greece 2009 came 7th, Belarus 2007 came 6th, Greece 2005 won Eurovision) he still feels nervous as every project is unique and he begins from scratch trying to prove again his idea and passion for it.

It was a unique experience for him to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. It was something different and this is why someone should go to this contest: “to present something different”, he says.

“Every year I have many propositions from various countries to participate. The reason I decided to return after 4 years of absence, was the song. When I listened to the song penned by Dimitris Kontopoulos (Hold Me) it truly inspired me and I immediately came up with the idea of presenting the soul of the singer trying to combine emotions with logic.”

Regarding Farid Mammadov, Fokas said that the singer is a charismatic singer and as an athlete he is very focused on what he does. After two dress rehearsals for Azerbaijan he thinks that everything went very well and he hopes that people will appreciate the hard work of the team. If Azerbaijan goes to the final Fokas says that his only advice to Farid will be to to enjoy his performance,since this is going to be a very unique moment for him.

Regarding Greece of course he is satisfied with the outcome of the rehearsals and his advice for Koza Mostra and Agathonas is to enjoy and show their emotions and soul on stage!


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