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  • Μαριος Μαυρος 3 years ago

    Daphne Bokota was a big chapter not only 4 Greece but 4 the whole contest of EuroVision as well… I really miss her..
    Considering the fact that ERT has hired people like Maria Kozakou (that is doing bad job) to serve as commentators makes me to miss Daphne much more..
    At least Daphne loved her job & was very passionate about it unlike miss Kozakou that doesn’t show he same passion & enthousiasm at all..

    And she is right in degree that our beloved contest has transformed into a monster..
    Back in the day the times were much more innocent compared with the sneaky ways of today..

    She is not too old and she can still return back in her old glorious job..
    I really hope that ERT will contact her & ask her to return as the greek commentator.
    Because i really can’t stand listening to the lame Maria Kozakou!