VALLETTA, MALTA – Moira Delia is the hostess of the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, a job originally offered to Ira Losco (as rumours said last summer). She is excited to be the first lady of the biggest international event Malta ever had in the island and of course we worried upon her outfits for the show: “Charles&Ron are my designers, they have designed my dresses since day 1 of my career and I leave it up to them! They know my style best! It will be smart with a casual twist!”

VALLETTA, MALTA – The launch of the host country official preview and revelation of the song “Diamonds” by Federica Falzon immediately changed the bets and odds for JESC 2014. The general sentiment in several site comments, forum message boards and polls are now considering Malta as capable to achieve the double victory… and it wouldn’t be unfair I say! Some said that such an operatic song is not what appeals to a junior audience; well we have to say that Junior Eurovision and singers like Federica (or Gaia Cauchi, Marรญa Isabel in the past) prove that simply children might be more talented than grown ups! and this is an achievement.

MINSK, BELARUS – Despite the tight schedule of rehearsals Nadezhda continues going to school and preparing for her school exams. She has only good marks, especially in languages and literature. Nadezhda Misyakova also finds time to visit her music school where she masters the piano. Nadezhda Misyakova, representative of Belarus at the Junior “Eurovision-2014”: “Several times a week I have vocal and choreography lessons. Now I also take part in various concerts. It helps to get used to the performance, to the image and song.” The new arrangement of the song requires a new dance. The competition song became even more dynamic due to the introduction of several instruments. Choreographer Olga Sharmova particularly considers how the performance will look on TV. Promotional products of our delegation are adorned with the Belarusian ornament. However, the traditional pattern has undergone some changes. For example, a pigeon was replaced by a falcon.

NICOSIA, CYPRUS – One of the favourites this year as well, Sophia Patsalides from Cyprus hosted a twitter chat with her web friends the video of which is available below. She was accompanied by her sisters and unfortunately she was sick but she made her fans happy interacting with her.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – “SBS Australia will screen the television show merely hours after it has aired in Europe; radio stations in the United Kingdom, USA, Argentina, Costa Rica and New Zealand are planning to broadcast the show live; English film makers are observing the event with the idea of creating new ways of re-introducing JESC to British television audiences”, says the latest statement from European Broadcasting Union. Besides 16 participating countries, at Junior Eurovision 2014 will be accredited press and fans from Germany, Israel, Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom, USA, Turkey, Australia, Spain etc, reported earlier today (some of them allegedly sponsored by official organisers so we all know what we will read I guess).

notice: Junior Europrediction 2014 will start when Georgian official preview will be available. Until then you can cast vote in various polls while awaiting the accurate and biggest JESC poll coming online!