Cascada’s “Glorious” will represent Germany at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. Cascada was the fan favourite. On the other hand, it received 8 points from the jury and 10 from the radio stations.

Cascada already have a successful career behind them with over 20 million albums sold, while “Evacuate the Dancefloor” went platinum in the United States. Cascada is made up of lead singer Natalie Horler, DJ Manian and Yann Peifer.


Anke Engelke, the co-host of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest welcomes the audience to the show.

She is proceeded by Loreen, the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest winner performing “Euphoria” (and there is much more confetti than in Baku).  Germany’s most recent Eurovision winner, Lena, sporting a black long dress, perform “Sattelite”.

Anke is back and is quick to make some jokes and we are treated to flashbacks of recent Eurovision winners and German representatives at Eurovision. The five member jury is now introduced and they make small talk with Anke.

“Change” by Finn Martin
Finn Martin is on stage first and he is playing his guitar. This is a nice, relaxing, slow paced song though somewhat repetitive. The vocals are good and this a good start to the night. It gets a big response from the audience.

“Little Sister” by Mobilée
It’s a change of pace from the previous entry. The stage features a living room setting, complete with a sofa and a big clock. Another good song with good singing. However, if it is to win the ticket to Eurovision it would need a very good draw in order to avoid stronger entries. The audience likes it and is clapping along.

“Heart on the Line” by Blitzkids mvt.
The song starts off with a black stage with the lead singer wearing a silver disco ball style shirt. This is a typical 80s style retro song, though the genre has become popular across Europe in recent times. The vocals are somewhat shaky in several parts. Special thumbs up goes to the backing vocalists dressed as cat-woman. This gets a big response from the audience.

“Lalala” by Betty Dittrich
Next up is Betty with her “Lalala” song. Betty is playing her guitar and it is another retro style song. Betty is dressed accordingly with a 60s style hairdo and massive heels. The song is mostly in German – the first of the night. The “Lalala” can get somewhat annoying and repetitive after a few minutes. Although it is a fun entry it might struggle with the televote… but then again we have the juries.

“The Righteous Ones” by Ben Ivory
Now its time for a change of style. This relies heavily on the use of lasers and pyrotechnics. The vocals aren’t the best tonight. The lyrics are somewhat interesting.  It gets a big applause from the audience in the arena.

“Craving” by Saint Lu
It’s time for some soul music now. The vocals here are excellent. This has a good beat and tune. The staging and lighting do not distract from the musical qualities of the song, unlike some previous entries. One of the best performances of the night so far.

“Nackert” by LaBrassBanda
The brass band members are wearing t- shirts and shorts and are running around the stage shoeless. The performance seems all over the place. The song is only the second tonight to be sung in German. The lead singer is constantly attempting to engage the audience who follow his orders and clap along with the song.  Not one of the best performances of the night – lots of tempo changes throughout. The performances has pumped up the audience though.

“Elevated” by Nica & Joe
We have the first ballad of the night. Nica is wearing a flowing glittering black dress. The vocals are excellent and the performance/staging is effective. Joe gets a huge applause from the audience as he lets his voice “elevate” throughout the arena. Considering its Valentine’s Day this could hit the spot with the audience.

“Liesblingslied” by Mia Diekow
The third and final song of the night to be entirely sung in German. Mia’s intro video gets a big applause as she sings a little tune about Eurovision.  “Liesblingslied” is a swing style song . Mia is wearing a pink dress and her vocals are good although the song is somewhat dwarfed by the previous power ballad performance.

“One Love” by Sohne Mannheims
The rap song “One Love” is up next and it can be safely said it is the most “Americanised” song of the evening, although traces of German can be heard. Not too impressive though one of the favourites of the night.

“Meerstern, sei gegrüßt” by Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann
It is time for some church music and operatic arias. The vocals are spotless and the stage is haunting with church imagery and smoke machines in full force.  It is only questionable whether Europe would go for something like this. Opera songs have not fared well at Europe’s biggest music contest thus far.

“Glorious” by Cascada
This is the favourite of the night and the mere mention of Cascada made the audience go crazy. For me this is a very over-hyped and typical Eurovision style song but there is no denying it is catchy. This has some traces of “Euphoria” in it. There are white curtains blowing around the stage. The vocals are good and the camera work and lighting are working in the song’s favour. A huge applause from the audience and this is a big contender to make it to Malmo.

That completes the performances. Now it’s time for voting. Loreen is now on stage performing her latest hit “My Heart is Refusing Me”. The voting begins with the radio stations to read their votes first. HR3, MDR Jump, SR1, SWR3, Beyern3, Fritz, NDR2, 1Live and Bremen4 all give their 12 points to LaBrassBanda, thus overall they get 12 from the radio stations, 10 go to Cascada and 8 go to Betty Ditrrich.

The voting begins with the radio stations to read their votes first. HR3, MDR Jump, SR1, SWR3, Beyern3, Fritz, NDR2, 1Live and Bremen4 all give their 12 points to LaBrassBanda, putting Cascada in the overall lead.

It now time for the jury vote. They give 12 points to Blitzkids mvt and only 1 to LaBrassBanda, putting Cascada in the overall lead. With televoting now over, Lena takes to the stage as we await to see who won the German national seclection. The votes are in and Cascada wins with 12 points from the televote! That completes tonight’s live review.

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