German national broadcaster presented the songs for the national final of Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and is following this year’s trend to review the songs. Below you can see the review of the songs.


Ben Ivory – The Righteous Ones
An up tempo electro-pop song sang by a very eccentric performer. It can look very good on stage, but I am afraid that the viewers will remember just the moves and not the tune becouse its not that catchy. (6/10)

Blitzkids mvt. – Heart On The Line
Another electro-pop song but in disco style. Singer sounds flawless and she will make you jump on your feet. I would like to see it in Malmo because it will make atmosphere hotter! (10/10)

Cascada – Glorious
A typical and predictable song from Cascada. I think that we all expected so much more and not a fade copy of Euphoira. Because of popularity it can easly win. (5/10)

Mia Diekow – Lieblingslied
At first rhythms it reminds on Lenas Satelite but also sounds like her voice.
I do not know German language but it sounds nice.
It can go either way, but probably not so much to the north. (5/10)

Mobilée – Little Sister
On the moments sounds like a country song, but its more a folk-pop genre. Song sounds much more for Junior Eurovision. I dont believe much in it. (4/10)

Nica & Joe – Elevated
Finnaly a ballad. They both have a powerful voices that merge perfectly in this RnB song. Backing vocals are making song even better. It would be shame if it get lost between all those uptempo songs. Germany didn’t send us a ballad like this for long time. Will it now? (10/10)

Finn Martin – Change
His speciality is combining folk music with electro elements. It is represented in this song and it ended up perfectly. If you’re a fan of Morandi and Roman Lob, you will love it for sure. (8/10)

Saint Lu – Craving
It’s like Amy Winehouse is alive. Sounds just like her and has a nice rhythm. Type of song that can be heard in almost every romantic comedy movie. (6/10)

Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann – Ave Maris Stella
Church choir type song is not so promising if you ask me.
Pop opera song is a true surprise of this years national final season.
The composition is very strong no doubt as are their voices and it will chill all your nerves. (7/10)

Betty Dittrich – Lalala
This song has German lyrics so its a little bit hard of us who does not know the language to understand it. Song is quite cheerful and full of spring mood. (4/10)

Söhne Mannheims – One Love
A song that mixes RnB, pop and rap with a small influence of Jamica. Sounds like a Timbaland production. There is fourteen of them and only six persons can be on stage.Wonder how that will work. (8/10)

LaBrassBanda – Nackert
not available

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