• Chrisa Smi 4 years ago

    why should anyone react?
    who is she?

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 4 years ago

    it is INSANE to comment oikotimes way of covering the incident… that’s not the topic. this topic is about NDR and their national final. if you attack me then go and also attack LIFO.gr STAR.gr, PEOPLEGREECE.com and all other media mentioning the issue. Don’t get an excuse to express your emphatic obsession against oikotimes – after all no one is forcing you to read us!

  • Ioannis Tzorakakis 4 years ago

    Europe was born in Greece!!!It’s a fucking greek word!!!Maybe Greece doesn’t belong to your German Europe,but that’s a totally different subject and I have diferrent things to do.No i am not going outside to drink retsina or dance syrtaki but to go to my second job to MAYBE be able to pay my bills….And something else…After you have slaughtered Europe (twice),not long ago ,in 1953 GREECE AGREED TO ERASE YOUR DEBT IN HALF and no one was joking about that…THAT IS CALLED EUROPEAN CULTURE IN OUR LAND!!!

  • Basilis Basileiou 4 years ago

    Marcus Faber you forget to write in your message the insulting articles and pictures that the German Newspapers/TV published all these years!

    And here the issue is the comment of the German presenter… ofcourse the german singer has nothing to do with the behaviour of the presenter…

  • stathis gaudi (@stathisgaudi) 4 years ago

    german entry should be penalised by EBU- their response was unacceptable of course

  • Alkis Steas (@MensaType) 4 years ago

    I don’t take issue at the comment by the hostess which can be washed away as comedy although poor at that. What irks me and should irk you too is the trend that only European countries can be disrespected in public. Also men and Christianity. At no time is it every okay to make jokes about women, gays, non-Whites and non-Christians. Shame on mainstream society!

  • Enigmatic Greek 4 years ago

    It well known the world over that German humour is perculiar and only understood by the Germans… Very dry, very abstract, and anything but funny….

    Nevertheless, such a disparaging comment, however satirical it was meant to be, at the very least such should be universally condemned with appropriate disciplinary action to follow against the German organisers of Eurovision.

    It is not up to the German populace to decide what is satire and what is flagrant bigotry. The view of the Greek organisers and Greece’s political representation have a say in this as well.

    How will the Germans have reacted if the Greek host made a satirical reference to the wholesale devastation in WWII and to a little man with a funny moustache condemning millions to death camps. Perhaps as part of the Greek entry, this funny looking man with the infamous little moustache can chase some people around the stage fleeing for their lives whilst carrying flags with the Star of David….. Hahaha. I’m pissing myself laughing…. How funny this would be…(not!)

  • Ali Nella Houd 4 years ago

    “Je suis Barbara”?

  • Kristen Keldorff Eiler 4 years ago

    Well… does all the greek comments here just say it all…
    Talking about ancient history and using greek influence on the world culture as an argument in this discussion. This is just sad!
    This is exactly why longlasting conflicts in the middle east keeps running! National pride is great, I love my country too, but I find jokes about my country very funny.
    I’m a fan of not provoking when you don’t have to, but what the COMEDIAN Barbara Schöneberger said thursday evening in a german show for germans was quite harmless.

  • alexemou 4 years ago

    I am pretty certain that if this was your nation getting criticized at a contest that is meant for bringing people together u would be upset too. The German Broadcaster should be penalized for the comment. Even if it was just a joke.

  • Michael Coufal 4 years ago

    Everybody calm down! The hostess is a comedian and she was also perceived as such by the audience. At no point of the show was she dead seroius. At times she was even making fun of herself. I am quite sure that this was meant as a satirical comment actually directed against those who ctriticised Greece durnig the last couple of weeks and claimed that it doesn’t fit into Europe. So by critizising her, you are actually barking up the wrong tree, as she actually took your side. I think it was also understood by the audience as such.
    When translating from one language to another one should always be extremely careful. A literal translation hardly ever manages to get satire or humour (which for the most part is culturally determined) across. And let’s nötig fortgeht, that it is the Greeks who invented satire after all, so thank you for that, too, Greece!
    Still I feel obliged not to leave but with a critical note concerning the overall tone of the comments here and also as to some part in the above article. That overbloated nationalist tone really irks me.

  • Jordy Franken 4 years ago

    I wish you’d spend your time you use for writing these bullshit articles on some workshops English and journalism, Fotis.

  • Thomas Sumiol 4 years ago

    absolutely ridiculous to make such a BIG thing about it *hahahaha

  • GKINI VASSO (@GVasso) 4 years ago

    To MARCUS FABER….. Your story is:
    World War II by the Nazis to bloodshed Europe and now economic war thinking that you are the center of the earth. WE get you out of absolute poverty, giving together with the other peoples of Europe money to their feet. As indignant Greek we have every right to Cartoonist you as we like. Laughter, sun and our sea is not going to get NEVER !!!!!!!

  • Eliza Stylianaki (@ElizaStyl) 4 years ago

    Let’s tell her that Europe is a Greek word…

  • Κωνσταντίνος Καββαθάς 4 years ago

    in the same way you could wonder what are Germans doing in a song contest?
    they just know about making cars, weapons , and ovens……

    just a satirical comment…

  • Jose Georgiou 4 years ago

    It is of course a bad joke. I am pretty sure they don´t make jokes about Israel in any way. And it reflects that they are not sensible to what is going on in Greece due to its own corruption but also because of the austerity measures from Merkel. But it is just a bad joke, nothing else.

  • editormikeo 4 years ago

    Overreaction much?

  • Diomedes Kobras 4 years ago

    Mrs Barbara Schoeneberger don’t worry… There is many people around the world, who don’t know NOTHING about history! Also, there is many people around the world, with very low IQ!
    You are obsiously one of these persons… Don’t worry. Greece can stand alive, for 3000 more years. To produce culture and history… Of course, you don’t need to study any of those two. You have your own “weapons” to continue your…great career!!!

  • Thomas Hildebrandt 4 years ago

    Please friends, just keep it low – it definitely was a joke, and made by someone who ist constantly making jokes of everybody including herself (Example from yesterday’s show: “Not even one of my legs would fit into Ann Sophie’s Dress”). She is a cabaretist, and when making jokes like the one about Greece, it’s rather meant to provoke people who really think like that. That’s irony, also a Greek word, isn’t it?

  • aNEmos (@AnemosUK) 4 years ago

    Νο Matter how stupid and insulting that sounded,lets not allow an ignorant person making such a comment to upset us, and the spirit of fun in Eurovision

  • 'Marcus Faber 4 years ago

    The EBU statement says it all! “We consider this a satirical comment, and are confident that this was in no way intended as an insult. To judge an entire nation on the comments of a TV host is ridiculous.”

    Plus: What about Greek media and Greek people who showed pictures of Angela Merkel with a Hitler-moustache? And much more stuff like this! I know what I am talking about as I work in a print and copy shop and one of our costumers (Greek journalist living in Germany) often comes to copy reports and pictures from Greek newspapers and magazins or prints out online articles and often shows us what he copied/printed and talks about what Greek media wrote!

    Plus: Greek won’t give any points to Germany you say… Well. Greece hardly ever gave points to Germany and what a childish behaviour to punish a singer and a song due to a SATIRICAL comment of a TV presenter!

  • beccaboo1212 4 years ago

    What the…? o.O

  • George Georgiadi (@CosmoGiorgio) 4 years ago

    Apart from the undeniable fact that Greece is a european country, someone should inform the ignorant hostess that the european culture derives from the greek one.
    Do Germans want to try to impose – once more – their conception of “elitism” to the world, deciding who deserves to be european?