Some countries decided to withdraw the past few weeks based on financial problems as given reason. Of course we can understand their strategy but the reason was simply hilarious as they could have find sponsors or other collaborations to maintain their active part in Eurovision Song Contest. Slovenia did it: their marketing team managed to find money and proudly the broadcaster remains a follower of the contest.

Turkey though made a big mistake. TRT was unhappy for two years now and we knew it. In 2011 a chocking elimination from the final and Loreen’s victory in 2012 known to happen for months upset Turkish broadcaster. TRT’s manager quoted last night on STAR TV Turkey, saying that the broadcaster is annoyed by the jury and the BIG 5 system in Eurovision. I just have to ask: did TRT complaint officially to EBU about this? Sources told oikotimes there was no such approach by them.

So Turkey is clearly playing a political game. TRT announcement published very close with the announcement from Bosnia & herzegovina last night. Not suspicious enough? in 2011 many claim that the absence of Turkey led to a victory for Azerbaijan as Turkish diaspora massively supported the other suspicious (for their televoting methods) brother nation. It is clear that political games in Turkey towards Europe lately also added Eurovision in their agenda. Well this show is about music and unification of nations. If they cannot stand it then good riddance.

at least when oikotimes has to complaint about a Eurovision matter we have the decency to complaint also at the European Broadcasting Union besides posting something on

oikotimes is awaiting an EBU statement for the information above


  1. Dan you’re so pathetic. I think oikotimes has improved a lot the last weeks (at least) and i get the latest news about Eurovision first here. I have criticised oikotimes and its editors a lot in the past for their comments and very amateurish articles but what you’re just doing is outrageous. you are attacking Greece because Fotis is Greek? Get a life and grow up. If you don’t like the site, then don’t visit it.

    Btw, i totally agree with this article. TRT’s excuses for the withdrawal are so lame. They wanted to withdraw from the contest last year [due to the big failure in Dusseldorf] but they didn’t because the host country was Azerbaijan. I still don’t believe that Azerbaijan won because of the Turkish diaspora (Azerbaijan got nul from Germany, UK, Sweden and in general it didn’t get many points from Western countries) but partly because of the good draw while the favorite uptempo songs were all performed earlier. In general, it still remains a mystery, i feel that Sweden and Italy were robbed. My personal favourite was Germany while i enjoyed Slovenia, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and Hungary.

  2. What a pathetic article. Now I know why Oikotimes has declined in popularity over the past few years. Fotis, you really need to work on your grammar a bit better because it stinks. I find it funny how you find the withdrawals ‘simply hilarious’ when lets face it, your own country is probably the one that’s struggling more then any other and if it wasn’t for ‘hand outs’ from Europe, I really don’t know what would have happened to the country. Greece is the country that should be pulling out of Eurovision, its absurd if they enter the contest when the country is in crisis – but then again, it doesn’t surprise me, they would rather their people starve then not to enter such a contest because lets face it Greece is glorious isn’t it and they MUST be in the competition.

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