Top Trends in Cosmetic Surgery for 2022

Although not much time has passed, the era of lockdowns nowadays seems like ancient history. While in quarantine,people naturally tended to neglect their appearance. After all, they rarely left their homes. However, when life started getting back on track, it was also only natural that people once again became more aware of their looks – even much more than they had been before 2020 and the pandemic. For this reason, in the recent year, aesthetic medical treatments have become increasingly popular in many countries.

“The return to a normal life also has its ‘side effects’, one can say,” explains, who offers facial feminization surgeries. “One of them is that people are more aware of their appearance, and wish to look and feel better. However, contrary to common belief, it’s not only about society ‘getting back together’ again. A crisis such as this is indeed a great opportunity to reflect on the things that matter most to many of us, such as taking care of ourselves and liking what we see when we look in the mirror.” 

Common objections towards aesthetic treatments

Although a growing number of people around the world are interested in improving their appearance, many of them are unaware of the opportunities the world of aesthetic medical treatments has to offer them today. Others may be afraid of undergoing such treatments, especially if they are conducted abroad. There are also those who might oppose this ‘phenomenon’, claiming one has to be happy with their current look. 

It’s true that many people go abroad to have these kinds of treatments in countries such as Turkey and Mexico. However, contrary to what some people think about these supposedly ‘third world’ countries, Turkey and Mexico put a tremendous effort into providing aesthetic and medical tourists with the best treatments possible. They have strict policies regarding which treatments are allowed in their territories. Moreover, they closely supervise and regulate the conduct of local clinics.

Of course, it’s important to be happy with what one has, or how one looks. Having said that, this doesn’t mean people shouldn’t change what they want to. After all, if no one wanted to improve, no one would achieve anything. 

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the trending aesthetic treatments these days around the globe. 

Aesthetic, from bottom to top

1.Nowadays, many men experience early loss of hair because of multiple reasons, such as stress, nutrition, and unhealthy chemicals in the air and food. However, not many are aware that hair loss can even cause men to lose confidence in themselves. Therefore, hair transplants are and have always been among the most popular aesthetic treatments out there. 

Nowadays, though, they are becoming even increasingly popular. Thanks to new technologies these procedures have become quicker, less painful, more efficient and more specifically suited for each situation. Furthermore, many women are also undergoing hair transplants, breaking the ‘barrier of shame’ around female hair loss.

2. There’s no denying that an attractive smile is something people can’t resist. Nevertheless, dental procedures are also on the rise, becoming more widespread and common. This is especially true thanks to the fact that these procedures take a whole lot less time nowadays then they used to. Remember when, in order to straighten your teeth, you had to wear braces for about half a year? Well, no more. New and diverse treatments such as laminate veneers, teeth implants and whitening procedures are changing the field of dental and orthodontic treatments for good.

And the added bonus? As time goes by, and as these innovative treatments become more common, they also become more affordable.

3. Cosmetic surgeries are generally divided into three sub-categories: face surgery, breast surgery, and body surgery. The following procedures are the most trending right now, thanks to the fact that more and more professional surgeons around the world aree learning the skills:

  • Face surgeries such as face and neck lift, brow lift, eye bag removal, ear reshaping, and nose reshaping. 
  • Breast surgeries such as breast enlargement and reduction, breast lift, and implant removal. 
  • Body surgeries such as buttock reshaping, male breast reduction, liposuction, and tummy tuck.  

Make no mistake here – these treatments are not reserved to women only.

The safe side

Nowadays, aesthetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. People from all around the globe travel to countries like Turkey and Mexico to go through these procedures, craving to be more satisfied with their looks without paying unreasonable sums for it. It’s important to remember, though, that aside from recognized clinics, operated by professionals with top equipment, there are also unprofessional clinics out there. One should be very careful when choosing the clinic in which they wish to undergo the aesthetic treatment they dream of.