Top 4 Advantages of a Home Theater

buying a theater system for your home

Private home theater, as the name implies, is to create an audio-visual environment in house with the same effect as in the cinema. Home theaters now gain a number of fans for its powerful functions. Why is it so popular? There are 4 reasons following.

Large Screen

The projectors usually use ultrashort-focus projection, which can project large-scale pictures at a short distance from the wall. Mobile phones, such as the new foldable smartphones, flat panels, and ordinary LCD TVs can’t compete with them in any way.

Some people might argue that mobile phones and tablets are flexible enough for people to lie on the sofa and watch as we like. That’s true, but it’s always your own “watching” field.

In recent years, the TV’s opening rate is getting lower and lower. If you watch it for a long time, it will hurt your eyes. The value of its existence will start to be put a question mark. Therefore, for a family, private cinema can be said as the right choice.

Private Places

In modern society, everyone wants to have their own private space. In public places, some behaviors such as no talking, no eating, and no drinking, make people reluctant to go to the cinema but more private places such as small movie bars.

What’s more, to build a movie theater in your own home, you can decorate it according to your favorite style. The freedom and comfort can be significantly improved.

On the weekend, you can invite your friends to watch the movie you like, and never have to be constrained by the schedule of the movie theater. Nothing else could be comfortable enough like this.

Powerful Expanded Function

Today’s home theater not only allows you to watch TV and movies but also has a more comprehensive entertainment function, such as playing games, singing, and so on, according to Techhive.

People who like to play games are hard to satisfy with the small screen of mobile phones. They hope to have more relaxing and exciting game experience. For example, with XGIMI MoGo Pro, they can connect to game devices. Play games with HD large screen could set you in high spirit.

Moreover, people can bring their stereo and sing songs as well.

High Picture and Sound Quality

Home theater projectors become the focus of purchase. The choice of projector, resolution, brightness, contrast, and so on are the parameters that have to be considered.

Nowadays, many TV plays and movies have achieved a 1080p effect. It is easy to be affected by ambient light, so brightness becomes another vital parameter. The brightness of P2 laser TV reaches 3600 lumens. It can be clearly seen in the daytime without pulling curtains, and high contrast makes the picture full of hierarchy sense.

Vision and hearing constitute the main channel for a person to receive external information. If they have an excellent visual effect but the poor sound quality, the viewing result will significantly be affected, which is hard to attract customers.

Many people think that to build a home theater, they need to buy extra sound. In fact, now projectors start to bring their own sound effects. For example, XGIMI MoGo Pro has Harman Kardon Sound, with left and right symmetrical stereo speakers, making the sound pure and not harsh.

After all, the private home theater could be a future trend of people’s leisure life, for which the key lies in selecting a high-quality projector. XGIMI MoGo Pro, a newly-established projector of XGIMI, is of high competitiveness. Being portable, it could accompany you anywhere and anytime you want to create the best projection experience. The true 1080P and Harman Kardon Sound enlighten both your eyes and ears, bringing about a visual-sound feast.

To get started with an enjoyable private theater journey, try on XGIMI MoGo Pro.