Top 10 Best JJBA Cosplays That Look Real

Jojo Bizarre Adventure has attracted and unified anime fans from all across the world. Over the years, anime is just getting more and more popular. As the series is revolving around the Joestar family drama, there are a variety of characters and villains.

In other words, you will get to see a lot of “Bizarre” moments throughout the series. Moreover, the JJBA characters are a perfect fit when it comes to anime cons. It is because it’s easy to stand out due to the unique design of characters. Let’s talk about look at the top 10 best JJBA cosplays that look real.

1. Jotaro Kujo

One of the most popular characters in the history of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is Jotaro. Jotaro is also the main character of Stardust Crusader season. Identical attire as a high school student, the body looks like he has a lot of gym grinding.

The photo is posted on Instagram by an account named “batwell.cos.” The attention to detail is worth appreciating. Moreover, the jacket also looks like the real deal, and the colors look spot on. For an overall vibe, this Jotaro cosplay looks identical to the anime version. Rowdy and Intimidating!

2. Dio and Jotaro – Female Version

We all know the Dio and Jotaro battle. It is more like a battle of memes at this point. If you haven’t seen this fight, you’re missing out! This image wraps up the classic Dio vs Jotaro battle and it was the last time we saw Dio in anime.

While the cosplayers have done some gender-bending, it is a perfect fan service they can ever receive! This Instagram photo is posted on “vinzo.bpm.” The most surprising thing about this cosplay is our lady Jotaro. As soon as she flips her jacket away, we see heels, which is just hilarious.

3. Bucciarati

The latest Golden Wind arc’s leading protagonist, we have Bucciarati here. Despite looking like a gangster, his heart is pure. Moreover, looking at this image right here, we’ve just confirmed it.

The cosplayer has paid a lot of attention to the details! You can guess by just looking at the outfit and the wig. In other words, what a beautiful portrayal of an eye-catching theme.

4. Trish is Real!

The Golden Wind arc was solely revolving around Trish. The passione gang had to fight their way through hell to keep Trish safe. Why? Simple because she was the daughter of Passione’s boss.

This image is something you don’t get to see every day. It is posted on Instagram by “Nekokatie” and we think that it’s one of the best cosplays on our list. The background is eye-catching. The outfit looks real and the cosplayer herself is giving of the same intimidating vibe of Trish from the Anime.

5. Okuyasu

Moving a bit early in JJBA timeline. Okuyasu is form Diamond is Unbreakable arc. At first, he is introduced as a villain. However, as time passed, our main characters shed some light in Okuyasu’s heart.

This JJBA photo is posted by “bradcarliliephoto” and the way he carries everything. MARVELLOUS. The cosplay is premium and very vivid. And the most surprising thing was how Okuyasu’s facial lines are also present there. This is hands down the most attention paid portrayal of Okuyasu we’ve ever seen.

6. Jolyne Kujo

For people who are waiting for the Stone Ocean arc, Jolyne Kujo is still a mystery. For instance, she is the daughter of Jotaro and the main protagonist of the Stone Ocean part. In the meantime, “chaotic_charisma” has posted this cosplay and it looks BREATHTAKING.

Makeup is on point, the aesthetics, attention to detail, and outfit, everything is just perfect. The hair color is also worth mentioning too. As you can see the handcuffs in her hand, this is a reference to the manga where Jolyne is first found in the prison. Seems familiar?


We all know how intimidating boss felt when we first got to know him. To make the season more fascinating, the storyteller decided to make Boss as the villain, where the passione gang will fight against boss.

We all know how that went, don’t we? The cosplay was posted by “davi.cos” and it features fugo holding boss hand. The photo looks like its an actual yakuza photo. The whole effect and photography makes this cosplay intimidating yet a piece of work!

8. Young and Old Joseph

This cosplay is a double reference. In addition to being a JJBA cosplay, it also portrays that spiderman comic meme. Joseph was one of the most stubborn Joestar. He just wouldn’t die.

The photo was taken by “silkfrost_” on Instagram and it shows a lot of things. Young Joesph and Old Joseph. The way the are pointing at each other. Isn’t that beautiful? They both have the Jojo poses and we think that they have done a great job when it comes to portraying an eye-catching cosplay.

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Wrapping it Up

We have covered the best JJBA cosplays that practically look the like the real thing. These cosplayers have done a great job in our opinion and we are excited to see some of the finest cosplays out there.