This is the first day of dress rehearsals and we start with the first semifinal. The team though is bringing you the latest highlights of the Eurovision 2013.

Hannah talks about her first week in Malmo
In an interview that Hannah gave, she says that she is very satisfied with reception in Malmo, that she really likes the stage and very profesional crew. Whe she was asked about the performance at the rehearsal, Hannah said that it was just matter of getting comfortable. It was more important to get everything perfect. About the competition she says that she expected of some artisted to be very good and it didn’t happen, while some of those that she did think will be good, surprised her, like Serbia. Her two favourites are Norway and France. About Malmo she has only words of praise. She said that the city and people are very nice and that she could imagine her livining here. You can watch the video here.

Iceland meets Malta
Eythor and Gianluca met each other on of the receptions in Malmo. On that occasion, two artist talked to eachother and exchanged promo material. Interesting thing about the countries that, they are representing is that they both have two runner-up positions, same amount of competitors at the contest and that neither Iceland, neither Malta have won the contest. Also, Gianluca told Eythor that he is his favourite. They both will perform on Thursday at second semifinal on positions #6 (Malta) and #8 (Iceland). Only thing that is keeping these two separated is Bulgaria.

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