EUROVISION 2013 GENERICThe Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is heating up and the rehearsals are in full swing. The artists from 39 countries are doing their best to win this year’s trophy. The team of live from Malmoe Sweden is bringing you the latest highlights of the contest.

And this year’s title “On again – Off again” goes to Lys Assia. As we previously reported she canceled her trip because of the pneumonia that made her admit herself to hospital. Now, as SVT is reporting, she will after all fly to Malmo on Tuesday night and will be welcomed by Isabelle, one of many Eurovision voluteers.

Although we had the best equipment on the spot and had all the energy to provide livestreaming from the press conferences unfortunately the internet access in the press conference area was very bad ending up with complete failure. We will try to restore it but for today May 11 we have no plans for live streaming.

On the side of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 preparations two more delegations got together and met appraoperly. Georgian delegation and singers Sophie and Nodi met with the FYR Macedonia’s duo Esma and Vlatko as you cna see from the album of photos they posted on Facebook.

Irish team wants their performance to be pitch-perfect so they even had one rehearsal this morning in the office of an PR company that does some work for Ireland’s tourism. They all were energetic at the rehearsal even with the tiredness they have from Ryan’s mentor Stuart birthday party they organised in a restaurant. They even sang him Happy birthday song and amused all the other guests that were there at the moment. In the brake of rehearsals they met with the Montenegrin representatives, Dedduh, Noyz and Nina.
Ryan was very glad about it, because he thinks that they are a huge deal in Montenegro and neighboring countries as they won MTV’s EMA award.

After the rehearsal, Alyona went to a well-attended pressconference where the international press could ask several questions. The journalists were also given a lot of gifts from Belarus! However it didnt end there! A long queue of international press was waiting to have a seperate interview with our lovely singer who did all interviews with a lot of passion and energy! The international press all commented very positively on Alyona’s great mood and professionality! After the interviews Alyona was more then happy to do also a livestream interview with one of the Media in the presscentre. Spontaneaous applause was given from the people at the centre!

Meanwhile read about Gianluca’s visit to a children’s hospital in Lund, Sweden and how his visit brought joy to the lives of paediatric patients sufffering from severe heart conditions or following a treatment for cancer by visiting this link (videos and pcitures on the link)

After having passed, on Thursday, through the emotion of first rehearsal, Friday was a more relaxing day for the Romanian Eurovision delegation. Cezar and his crew visited one of the attractions of Malmö surroundings, the old manor Katrinetorp. Built at the beginning of the 19th century as a summer house of one of the wealthiest families in the area, the manor was restored in the past years, being highly appreciated by the Swedish for its gardens and parks, but also for its authenticity. The legend says – as we found out from our guide – that one of the ladies of the house found her tragic death in the fountain, and her ghost is still haunting the manor, closing and opening doors during the night. In order to “clear the air” from the tension created by the ghost stories of our guide, Cezar held a spontaneous piano mini-concert, after finding a piano in one of the rooms of the manor. The trip ended for Romanian team with a few relaxing moments in the garden, taking pictures and admiring the beauty of the place. The evening found Cezar and his companions on the shore of the Baltic Sea, in front of a beautiful sunset, and ended at Euroclub, enjoying the party with other Eurovision participants, fans and journalists.