These Will Be The Way Social Media Will Evolve In The Future

future of social media

The advent of social media has been such been one of the best moments in human history. It has changed a lot of things in terms of human interaction and globalization. However, one of the most notable things about it is that it has changed a lot from what is it used to be when it first arrived. It has been evolving constantly. This is to meet up with the various demands of individuals, brands, and businesses as they continue to adjust their strategies to fit into every new trend. Indeed, looking at the future of social media is intriguing and there have been a lot of ideas, predictions, and expectations as to what the future holds for it. This is especially so for brands as well as users.

As a result of this, we have decided to look into some of the ways that social media will evolve in the future and they include the following:

Increased Focus on Privacy and Security

There have been increased concerns for privacy and security over the years when it comes to social media. These days, these concerns have only because more pronounced and we can’t help but admit that more focus will be put on them in the future. Social media will suffer a lot in the future if social media companies and strategists don’t provide a network that is not only more advanced but also provides privacy and security more than we are currently seeing.

Reduced Gamification

It is no more news to the vast majority of people that the key components of social media are very addictive. As a matter of fact, it is believed that they are more addictive than even cigarettes. This has sparked a lot of necessary discussions and the position now is that new platforms will try to focus on long-term customer wellness and this feature can only be achieved by cutting off the addictive elements of social media. The focus now has to shift to the communal quality of social media instead of the gratifying but highly addictive and frustrating parts.


Smartphones are now virtually everywhere and that is a huge advantage for a lot of new social media platforms. Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook came at a time when the use of smartphones was limited, this, they couldn’t function on the smartphone at first. However, if there is one thing that is now certain, it is the fact that future social media platforms will be designed right from the beginning with phones in mind. There is going to a seamless integration between phone platforms and the web, better than ever before. Since the future of the internet is mobile, it becomes quite logical that platforms that are mobile-native will be designed to last.

Diversity of Personal Posts

The way posts are shared is within a limited and predictable range which includes pictures, videos, text, and material. It has been suggested that as the future approaches, there will likely be an introduction of a larger variety of posting options. It is expected that some will intermingle between visual and audio components to produce a unique for people making posts.

In addition, there might be new metrics of measuring social media engagements other than getting instant or plenty of likes. The constant advancement of science and technology will inevitably increase the hunger of people for new and more interesting ways to share their experiences with others.

Besides, there has been a lot of focus on the role that audio will play in the future of social media. It is believed that it will have a unique effect on what social media experience is going to be for smartphone users. Of course, what this role exactly is and how it will play out is not something that has been properly defined for now.

Premium Services and Fewer Ads

We all know how annoying ads can be and at this point, it is safe to say that almost all social media users are getting fed up with them. The interesting thing now is that we have lots of people that are ready so sacrifice ad-less experience for ad-saturated ones provided that they are free.

The importance of this is that very soon, we might start to witness a rise of premium serves because users of social media have a preference for images, audio, and videos that are of high quality. In fact, all of us have become used to only these over the past few years. However, one starts to wonder if we as social media users are willing to spend money on them.

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