COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – The winners of the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, the Olsen Brothers, have once again criticised broadcaster DR, reaffirming their cold relationship with the network. Initially, relations deteriorated last year when the manager of the band told Danish media how DR requested for them to keep their calendar free in the lead-up to the 2014 contest in Copenhagen so they could be part of the show but in the end DR failed to even invite the 2000 winners to perform, giving them instead a single ticket to the final.

With the upcoming Eurovision Song Contestโ€™s Greatest Hits show, hosted by the BBC, the brothers took a fresh swipe at DR.

“BBC has been very eager to sign us. They are very happy about us. It is something completely different than the lousy treatment we got from DR. And I must say that BBC are top professional compared to DR. They are innovative and incredible human. We are talking to them about our part of the show, and they come with some suggestions which really rules”, Jorgen Olsen said. He added, “What people want to hear are hits. They get that in the UK, but for some reason DR doesn’t want to allow that to its viewers. Everything needs to be so young, its grotesque. DR is a state in the state, and unfortunately they won’t learn as they have the attitude that no one can teach them anything”.