• eurovisionfandom 3 years ago

    I absolutely agree. It is time for broadcasters and delegations to speak out.
    The fans and small groups of manic Eurotragics make no difference. Those who hold the money however could make a difference.

    Also speaking on credibility:
    Why is it that some press who have a history of bullying, intimidation and threats of assault – even against delegations and broadcasters – are still present and accredited at the contest by EBU? What ‘special relationships’ do they have that means serious concerns regarding behaviour are overlooked?

  • Paul Toseland 3 years ago

    Saw Bakker’s behaviour in Athens before he was working for EBU. Arseing licking round every EBU employee

  • Julien Dochez 3 years ago

    Thanks, i would have enjoyed it but i think my englis too poor. But if you can teach me some things to help your team, i agree with that.

  • John Redpath 3 years ago

    Despite our disagreements in the past this is a very powerful and brave article. Congratulations

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 3 years ago

    dear you are always welcomed to join the team if interested http://www.oikotimes.com/vacancies

  • Julien Dochez 3 years ago

    Could you translate your text in many languages to reach many people over europe, please.

  • Julien Dochez 3 years ago

    I follow your site since many years and i have to recognize that i totally agree with you. I hope many people will read your text (In french delegation i hope). You have my entire respect for what you are doing now. Friendly from France. Julien