The Appeal of Original Art for Your Home

There is little more that is unique and can give a better-curated feel to a home than a collection of original art, but building such an assortment of designs and abstractions is often considered a hobby of millionaires; those high-net-worth individuals who are able to spend millions on historical pieces at highly-contested auctions and through secretive transactions. 

In reality, anyone can collect and display original art through their home and benefit from the beautiful visuals shaping their living spaces. With a blank space, the right picture hanging hardware and the know-how of where to purchase emerging artist’s work, the world – and the home gallery – is your oyster. For inspiration, check out by clicking here.

But how can you compile an original art collection without breaking the bank or having to scrabble around exclusive events? Let us teach you how…

Think small and ambitious over big and famous

There is a widely held misconception that original art is only valuable when created by a famous professional – and indeed, you will find that you’re quickly priced out of the market if you’re looking for original pieces by Van Gogh, Picasso or Banksy. The value of art lies in the eyes of the beholder and if you enjoy a piece, it’s valuable to you no matter it’s actual financial standing on the market. 

Expanding your horizons to little known or even entirely amateur artists will present you with opportunities to enjoy and buy art that remains original yet is perhaps still under appreciated. Who knows… you may even stumble across a piece at the beginning of an artist’s career that ends up valued big bucks in years to come!

Follow artists online

Social media has created fabulous connections amongst friends and families but also allows for artists, creatives and brands to showcase and sell their wares online. If you find an artist you like – no matter their creative discipline, frequency of work or current ability or willingness to sell – be sure to look them up across the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, and follow their journey. This puts you in the best possible position to learn of announced sales and events and will allow your own social media’s algorithm to present you with artists of similar ilk to the styles you like.

Shop online marketplaces

There are many fantastic websites and online shops allowing artists to list their original works for sale regardless of their professional credentials, established reputation or existing portfolio. The likes of Etsy allow anyone to sell their homemade goods – so it’s easy to find emerging artists and pieces that are unusual, undiscovered and unrecognised at affordable prices and in a variety of means. 

Get to know graduates

If you live locally to an art school or university, attending the showcases and events of students and graduates often presents the chance to purchase unique original art that is only exposed to a very small audience. Such gallery openings are often free to attend and frequently don’t attract many attendees, so there may even be the opportunity to meet the artist/s and discuss their work with them in person; an invaluable experience for art-lovers everywhere.

Reframing not just our prints but the way we think of original art can help shape our homes interior design for the better. Curating an art collection can create a talking point no matter its financial value; helping establish your reputation as a cultured being and to develop your understanding and appreciation of art forms of all types.