The 5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Modern Workplaces

modern workplace
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The workplace constantly changes, this has become increasingly evident thanks to the global pandemic which has forced many people to work from home. Of course, the workplace is in a constant state of flux due to customer demands, digitalization, and a host of other factors. 

A company needs to be aware of all the different issues that can affect their workplace and take steps to deal with each issue. It’s important that every company is aware of the following 5 biggest challenges and has a plan to deal with them.

  1. Unfair Behavior

Discrimination is becoming an increasingly high-profile subject and with good reason. A well-designed and looked-after workplace should treat all employees fairly. There should be no difference due to skin color, race, sex, age, or any other potentially discriminatory factor. Instead, employees should be treated according to their abilities and potential. 

Failing to ensure a well-balanced and fair workplace will result in employees consulting a reputable unfair dismissal lawyer and this can be costly to the company both financially and to your reputation. 

To avoid this you need to review the workplace, ensure that people are being treated fairly, and make sure there is an appropriate avenue where employees can complain if they feel they are being treated unfairly.

Equally, you need to make sure every complaint is taken seriously and handled sensitively. 

  1. Security

Security in the workplace is becoming an increasing issue. More and more offices are relying on internet apps and other online programs. This means the IT department is facing a constant battle to keep up with the latest developments and protect the data in your systems. 

You need to make sure that the IT department has all the resources it needs to deal with these issues. In addition, it is important to create guidelines relating to what apps and programs employees can and can’t use. This makes it much easier for the IT department to control the data and ensure adequate security.

You can’t tell employees what apps they can use on their own computers?. But, if they are using company equipment it is acceptable to limit access to programs and apps that are deemed safe by the IT department. 

  1. Shortage of Resources

Another big issue facing most companies is resources. The simple fact is that all companies work to budgets and these budgets dictate what can and can’t be purchased. There aren’t generally enough funds to ensure every department and employee has the very best equipment. 

That means compromises must be made and decisions are taken regarding which items are more essential than others. Again, this can lead to issues as if one department appears to be favored over another you may face morale issues. 

It can be difficult to purchase all the necessary resources. That’s why you should have a monthly assessment meeting with departmental heads to ensure that all requests are fairly considered and the resources that are purchased are in the best interests of the company.

This will help people to appreciate that not everything is possible and to make the most of what they have, without negatively affecting morale or productivity.

  1. Morale

One of the biggest challenges all businesses face at any time is morale. However, this is worse at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic and the need for many people to work from home, alongside a loss of jobs, and unpredictable work schedules.

The fact that employees are finding it harder to talk to each other and that it may feel more difficult to be productive means that companies are facing issues due to low morale.

As low morale is connected with low productivity this can be a serious issue for companies. Reduced productivity affects your ability to deliver orders on time. If this isn’t done then customers may go elsewhere and you may never win them back. 

That’s why it is important to hold events that allow your staff to communicate and get to know each other better. It has been shown that this boosts morale and makes it easier for staff to come up with solutions to issues. 

Put simply, boosting morale ensures people enjoy their work and this means they will put in more effort. But, getting the balance right is a challenge for all businesses. 

  1. Communication

Some businesses encourage people to stay at their desks and call colleagues. This has gradually transformed into emailing them and, this has become the acceptable norm thanks to an increasing number of people working from home and sending emails.

Unfortunately, while a written system may seem ultra-efficient, it isn’t. Encouraging staff to email removes the physical element and, therefore, prevents staff from chatting and getting to know each other better. 

This form of connection has been shown to be critical to boosting morale and finding results to issues. Instead, staff are sending emails and moving on, regardless of whether the receiver reads the email or understands the content. 

This can lead to an array of issues that are a direct result of poor communication. 

You’ll need to define a communication format to help people get all the information they need. In addition, it’s a good idea to encourage staff to talk face-to-face whenever possible as this ensures they all understand what is needed.

Additional Thoughts

The above five are challenges that all businesses will face and need to be ready for if they wish to stay competitive and productive. 

But, this is not an exhaustive list. Your business will have its own issues based on the industry you operate in and whatever problems exist within your own infrastructure.

However, no matter how successful your business is, you should also monitor the internet and start-ups. It is very easy to start a new business online and, with the power of social media, a business can grow surprisingly quickly. You need to be aware of your competition and any new developments to ensure you can remain competitive.