Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece)

This passion begins in 1984, in 1996 I established oikotimes as a printed pamphlet and in 2001 as a website turned eventually into Eurovision. The best thing happened is that I got to know some great friends.


  • Μαριος Μαυρος 2 years ago

    I really do not want Tamta for EuroVision..
    I might adored her 2007 NF amazing ballad *With Love* and was rooting her to win & represent us in Helsinki but not anymore as the times have changed a lot since 8 years ago….Plus, i find her overrated as singer to be honest..

  • Μαριος Μαυρος 2 years ago

    It would be just great if Melina Aslanidou gets internaly selected by ERT to represent Greece in the upcoming EuroVision of Stockholm!
    We really need more quality acts like Melina that will bring a new & fresh sound in the contest..
    Her melodic greek song *Ti Sou Kana Kai Pineis* is just all time classic! <3

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