Olivier Rocher (France)

Salut! Born just a few days after Marie Myriam’s last victory for my homeland (that’s a sign), I’ve been an ESC fan since Zagreb 1990. In late 2013, I was lucky enough to join the Oikotimes team and even attended my very first contest in situ in Wonderful Copenhagen. Then it was Vienna, Sofia, Stockholm and soon it will be Valletta and Kiev. More to come…


  • leifang12 3 years ago

    The only similar thing in these songs, is that the first part is the same genre, like old american western’ish country music, and then it turns into a real banging uptempo modern pop song. But genre, is not enough to accuse someone of plagarism. Stop it you guys. The songs melody and lyrics + way of singing is totally different.

  • Vangelis Karageoras (@VangelisKarageo) 3 years ago

    OMG, they ARE very similar, indeed…..

  • holocaust survivor 2 (@jlolfuck) 3 years ago

    Honestly, the moment I heard him sing the chorus I was like “Haven’t I heard this before?” :/ Still a good song though

  • Alejandro Quetzal 3 years ago

    They sound a bit similar, but that’s definitely not a plagiarism. Haters gonna hate

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