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ERT response upon Greek catastrophe

ERT CEO Mr Lambis Tagmatarchis made a statement regarding the disaster Greece had by eliminated from the 2016 Eurovision Grand Final for the first time since the system of semi-finals implements. “It’s absurd, unfair and unethical to target the ERT President Mr Tsaknis, for the choice of the song which ERT submitted to Eurovision. The decisions are taken by the board of directors, as it happens to all organisation. ERT did ask various artists to represent Greece but most of them ... | read the full story here

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May 11 / Greece: the lowest TV ratings in years; will ERT President resign?

ATHENS, GREECE – The complete failure of the Greek participation in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest created a massive reaction from the Greek media. ERT TV ratings plundered last night and reached only 22,5% according to AGB Nielsen Greece. Media vowing over the internal selection which was made by ERT’s President Mr Dionisis Tsaknis himself, without any internal selection committee involved. This is the worst result for Greece and Mr Tsaknis should resign immediately for this ... | read the full story here

May 11, 2016 11:59 am // 7 Comments

Salina presents the song which was submitted to ERT

ATHENS, GREECE – Local media confirmed today that Salina Gavala was one of the considerations of ERT for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Today she presented her Eurovision bid entry “Love is a Game” in which she duets with Stavros Vanderbilt. When ERT announced ARGO as the Greek representatives to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Salina made a statement in which she revealed that her proposal to ERT was to submit her bidding entry for a national selection and not for ... | read the full story here

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Greece 2016: Europond (unfortunately) to Stockholm

ATHENS, GREECE – It is ERT’s right to choose the method of selection for the Eurovision Song Contest based on the European Broadcasting Union. Though, the trend from the current government in Greece, to hire and appoint friends and family of the SYRIZA party to various public positions had no exception from the Eurovision Song Contest. ERT’s President Mr Dionysis Tsaknis internally selected his friends to represent the country in Stockholm and it’s no secret; it was his ... | read the full story here

February 8, 2016 3:45 pm // 3 Comments

Greece 2016: Sleepin Pillow and Ithikon Akmaiotaton info not true

ATHENS, GREECE – The information reaching the web the past few days about Greek participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 are proven to be false. Several websites referred to Eleni Foureira as the top hinted internally selected artist something that it was actually a joke from the first minute as she was never in discussions with ERT. Sleepin Pillow, originally suspected by as the 2016 Greek representatives, already denied the information to us while they are still ... | read the full story here

February 5, 2016 10:36 am // 2 Comments

Greece 2016: ERT to announce soon its internal decision

ATHENS, GREECE – The team of first reported that Greece is heading to internal selection this year when several sites insisted the country is heading to national selection. It was who revealed that a band from North Greece, mostly unknown to the main music scene and public will be representing the country in Stockholm’s Eurovision Song Contest. ERT is expected to make an official announcement the upcoming days and also hold a press conference to present ... | read the full story here

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Greece 2016: a band from Thessaloniki will go to Stockholm!

ATHENS, GREECE – The team of is aware that ERT has finalised its deal with a band from Thessaloniki for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 which seems to fit the “allure” of the new political regime of the country. The final deal is about to be announced after holidays. Ιn the meantime the band which we thought would be the representatives of Greece, Sleepin Pillow, officially denied they are the ones, but still a band from Thessaloniki is in the run to represent ... | read the full story here

December 20, 2015 2:29 am // 2 Comments

Greece 2016: First name revealed with interesting development

ATHENS, GREECE – It was revealed tonight that ERT proposed to an artist with “quality” status – non commercial as we have used to the past decade. The name of the artist is Mariza Rizou who was offered an internal selection by ERT. The singer herself revealed the offer and unblocked the embargo of the news saying that she had to reject the offer because speaking with her team didn’t feel ready or able to do it, despite the good intentions of Greek national ... | read the full story here

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Tamta: in-between Georgia and Greece for Eurovision

ATHENS, GREECE – The rumours about Tamta’s bidding to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest started to rise on the internet and we searched about it. It is no secret that for two years now Tamta seeks a way to the Eurovision Song Contest, something we noticed when we saw her in the audience of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen supporting Freaky Fortune and Risky Kidd. Since September when ERT confirmed participation for Stockholm, Tamta declared her interest to represent the ... | read the full story here

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Video / Daphne Bokota on Eurovision turned into a monster

ATHENS, GREECE – OGAE Greece held its annual meeting and MPLE event this evening at Gazarte, down town Athens. Mihai Traistariu was the special guest of the evening. Former ERT commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest, Ms Daphne Bokota hosted the event in a surprising act actually as originally it was announced to the guests that she cancelled her appearance. When the event was about to begin, Daphne enters the room and stopped everything saying that the event will not take place ... | read the full story here

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