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    The winners of Eurovision contest, singers Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal have recently visited Albania. The aim of the visit was the participation in the national qualifier of Albania on 22 December. The country will be represented by the duo of Adrian Lulgjuraj&Bledar Sejko in Eurovision 2013. The duet of Eldar and Nigar performed their new song – Priceless at the national qualifier in Albania.

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    Welcome to the national final of Albania. 51st Festivali i Kenges kicks off tonight and in few hours we will know the representative of the country in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Only 17 songs will appear tonight as Ani Çuedari and “Më ler një ëndërr” disqualified as the song has been previously released (prior to September 1st) – and they discovered it now!


    Ardian Bujupi – I Çmendur Pas Teje: this is the first song tonight and the performance is simply amazing. Great opener for the show and it seems to be a hot favourite (as reports claim). It depends on the juries now to send this one to Malmoe.

    Valon Shehu – Nuk Do Të Ndal: the second song is a rock ballad. The performance is very good and the vocal skills of the singer are quite good. Everything seems perfect for this one but it’s totally out of Eurovision style in general (you never know though).

    Merland Kademi – Këtu Fillon Parajsa: truly a great song and an amazing performance it could do well in the Eurovision Song Contest but it seems that this is not going to be the preference of the jury tonight.

    Kelly – Ylli Im Polar: if the song was different then this performer should have been selected directly to represent Albania in the national final (although I disagree with the outfit and the style in general). From semifinal to the final, Kelly is much much better tonight.

    Rezarta Smaja – Ti…: a powerful ballad with a great vocalist and a dreadful dress. This can do well but please don’t let the fashion police to disqualify her from Malmoe.

    Kejsi Tola – S’jemi Më Atje: This is one more favourite tonight. The song is simply great and Kejsi is better than ever. I would love to see that in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

    LNYX – Si Ty Askush: this is an electro rock ballad? hmm in Albanian version. Interesting proposal but the song is weak alongside with their awful vocal performance that is.

    Hersi Matmuja – Kush Ta Dha Këtë Emër: totally average song but I have to admit the vocals are great. This one doesn’t stand a chance in winning tonight.

    Rosela Gjylbegu – Dëshirë: this is the fifth time this artist participates in Festivali i Kenges and once again the song is awful. I truly wonder sometimes whom does she connects with and she always enters up with a trash song there

    Flaka Krelani – Labirint i zemrës: under a new title instead “Tek Ti Në Shpirt” this is one of the good performances tonight. Not that this one will win but for sure it’s impressive (or at least I became too Albanian tonight)

    Vesa Luma – S’jam Perfekt: Florent Boshnjaku composer of Suus (Albania 2012) is definitely not the man of the show tonight. The weak vocal performance of the song is something that should worry him. In any case the song is very weak in comparison with his 2012 Eurovision entry.

    Anjeza Shahini – Love: everyone seems to love this one in the studio but I definitely feel it’s not the best for Anjeza. The song is not that good although Anjeza is perfectly OK with the vocal performance.

    Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko – Identiet: not a bad song or performance but personally I am exhausted after so much Albanian sounds tonight. Somehow confused in between the tunes. This duo is not bad at all (or I am becoming flurry)

    Bojken Lako – Lotë? Jetë? Dashuri?: the meaning of this song is “boredom boredom and again boredom” very average song with nothing to show to the viewers especially the international ones (oh Dana I miss you).

    Selami Kolonja – Ku Je?: problems in the streaming had to skip this one

    Dr.Flori & Fabi – Jam Ti!: this is not suitable for Eurovision in any way. The act and the performance on stage is simply hidious.

    Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija – Arti I Një Fundi: well a nice song to finish tonight (thank God). The performance is very interesting, ti would be nice to have such a surprise in the results.

    Ani Çuedari – Më Ler Një Ëndërr disqualified

    Albania has made a choice. Since they joined in 2004 they’ve always chosen their Eurovision Song Contest entry in December through their national competition Festivali i Këngës. This year’s final has just ended producing the following winners: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko with the song Identiet!

    Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko – Identitet – 74 pts
    Anjeza Shahini – Love – 62 pts
    Hersi Matmuja – Kush ta dha këtë emër – 48 pts
    Kejsi Tola – S’jemi më atje – 42 pts
    Merland Kademi – Këtu fillon parajsa – 40 pts
    Flaka Krelani – Tek ti në shpirt – 39 pts
    Rezarta Smaja – Ti? – 36 pts
    Bojken Lako – Lotë? Jetë? Dashuri? – 27 pts
    Dr.Flori & Fabi – Jam ti – 11 pts
    Rosela Gjylbegu – Dëshirë – 11 pts
    Ardian Bujupi – I çmendur për ty – 10 pts
    Kelly – Ylli im polar – 3 pts
    Xheni & Enxhi Kumrija – Arti i një fundi – 2 pts
    LNYX – Si ty askush – 1 pts
    Valon Shehu – Nuk do të ndal – 0 pts
    Vesa Luma – S’jam perfekt – 0 pts
    Selami Kolonja – Ku je? – 0 pts


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    With Hari Mata Hari, the Bosnian representative at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest as the guest performer of the show, the second semifinal in Albania concluded. Thirteen acts competed for one of the nine tickets for the final. Second semifinal qualifiers are:

    Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko – Identiet (Identity)
    Hersi Matmuja – Kush ta dha këtë emër (Who gave you this name)
    LNYX – Si ty askush (Nobody like you)
    Anjeza Shahini – Love
    Kelly – Ylli im polar (My pole star)
    Bojken Lako – Lotë? Jetë? Dashuri? (Tears? Life? Love?)
    Valon Shehu – Nuk do të ndal (I won’t stop)
    Ani Çuedari – Më ler një ëndërr (Leave me a dream)
    Flaka Krelani – Tek ti në shpirt (At your spirit)


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    Tonight the first semifinal of Festivali i Kenges took place with 13 acts appearing after a specific draw by the porganizers. Compact Disco from Hungary performed in the interval act followed by local artists like Juliana Pasha (Eurovision Albania 2010) and Luiz Ejlli (Eurovision Albania 2006) singing various hits. Nine of the acts proceed to the final:


    Selami Kolonja – “Ku je?”
    Rosela Gjylbegu -“Dëshirë”
    Kejsi Tola – “S’jemi më atje”
    Vesa Luma – “S’jam perfekt”
    Dr.Flori & Fabi – “Jam ti”
    Merland Kademi – “Këtu fillon parajsa”
    Rezarta Smaja – “Ti?”
    Ardian Bujupi – “I çmendur për ty”
    Xheni & Enxhi Kumrija – “Arti i një fundi”

    01. From second semifinal
    02. Ardian Bujupi – I çmendur për ty
    03. From second semifinal
    04. From second semifinal
    05. Merland Kademi – Këtu fillon parajsa
    06. From second semifinal
    07. Rezarta Smaja – Ti?
    08. Kejsi Tola – S’jemi më atje
    09. From second semifinal
    10. From second semifinal
    11. Rosela Gjylbegu – Dëshirë
    12. From second semifinal
    13. Vesa Luma – S’jam perfekt
    14. From second semifinal
    15. From second semifinal
    16. Selami Kolonja – Ku je?
    17. Dr.Flori & Fabi – Jam ti
    18. Xheni & Enxhi Kumrija – Arti i një fundi

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    The national selection show through THE 51st edition of Festivali i Këngës is about to kick off and RTSH announced the names of the jury for the show. Professional jury will determine the winner of the regional festival which will send an artist (the winner) in Malmoe next May. The jury includes 10 personalities, 7 from Albania and 3 from abroad.

    Nicola Caligiore (Italy)
    Joseph Mizzi (Malta)
    Szilva Puspok (Hungary)
    Sokol Shupo, composer, music professor in the Academy of Art
    Justina Aliaj, singer and actress, a participant at Festivali i Këngës 11
    Zef Coba, composer
    Petrit Ymeri, publisher

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    Nigar Jamal (Nikki) part of the duo with Ell who won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest are announced by RTSh as interval act of the grand final as you can see from the spot below posted on YouTube.

    Ell and Nigar is following closely the Eurovision developments and almost always accepts invitations to perform – though if RTSh was smarter they would have called Loreen which is the most recent Eurovision Song Contest winner instead of the winner of 2011 but this is a matter of taste I guess.

    One more artist who will attend the show is Hari Mata Hari, who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2006 Athens Eurovision Song Contest edition. Don’t they know in Albania, BHRT withdrawn?


  • Ghassan Al Kaziri (UAE) 12:42 on December 2, 2012 12:42 pm Permalink
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    Albanian national broadcaster announced the line up for the Festivali i Këngës 2012 through which the country will select its Eurovision Song Contest 2013 entry. 26 acts have been chosen for the semifinals which will take place on December 20 and 21 while the grand final is set for December 22nd in capital Tirana.

    From the line up lists we see familiar names such as Anjeza Shahini who was the first Albanian Eurovision representative ever, and she ranked 7th in the Final of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with The Image Of You and Kejsi Tola who came 17th in 2009 with Carry Me In Your Dreams.

    SEMIFINAL 1 – 20.12.2012
    Selami Kolonja – Ku je?
    Rosela Gjylbegu
    Kejsi Tola – S’jemi më atje
    Vesa Luma – S’jam perfekt
    Elis Nova – Ajo
    Kozma Dushi – Ëndërr mbete ti
    Bon Bon Band – Humbur
    Dr Flori & Fabi – Jam ti!
    Merland Kademi – Këtu fillon parajsa
    Rezarta Smaja – Ti?
    Adrian Bujupi – I çmendur për ty
    Xheni & Enxhi Kumrija – Arti i një fundi
    Arjela Krasniqi – Më thuaj pse?

    SEMIFINAL 2 – 21.12.2012
    Arjan Dredhasi – Fluturim i lirë
    Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko – Identitet
    Hersi Matmuja – Kush ta dha këtë emër?
    Lynx – Si ty askush
    Entela Zhula – Dyert e parajsës
    Anjeza Shahini – Love
    Kelly – Ylli im polar
    Bojken Lako – Lot… Jetë? Dashuri
    Marsela Çibukaj – Mijëra netë
    Valon Shehu – Nuk do të ndal
    Ani Çuedari – Më ler një ëndërr
    NA – Sa larg
    Flaka Krelani – Tek ti në shpirt

  • Luka Popovic (Serbia) 13:36 on November 27, 2012 1:36 pm Permalink
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    Albanian public broadcaster RTSH, has announced the host for the upcoming Festivali i Kenges national selection. The show will be presented by Enkel Demi, who is a popular journalist and television host in the country.

    Joining him in his duties will be Floriana Garo, Albania’s representative at the 2012 Miss World beauty pageant. The semi final of Festivali i Kenges is set to take place on December 20 and 21 with the final scheduled on December 22.

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    Flaka Krelani known as the princess of the Albanian rock and alternative music is the big favorite to win Festivali i Këngës 51. In 2007 Flakan Krelani took part for the first time at Festivali i Këngës and won the second prize with her up-tempo song ‘Jeta kërkon dashuri’, in duet with Doruntina Disha. While the public wanted to send Flaka Krelani to send to Eurovision 2008, the jury of Festivali i Këngës did choose the young Olta Boka to represent her country. In 2009 Flaka has tried again with a rock song titled ‘Le të bëhet çfarë të dojë’ and managed to finish 5th.

    In a recent interview with ‘Eurosong song Shqipëria’ Flaka revelad more details about her participation at Festivali i Këngës 51. ” I’ve chosen Festivali i Këngës, the place, where I’ll make a comeback after a short break of my career. Festivali i Këngës is a very important event for me because there you have to perform 100% live.

    This year I’ll compete at the festival with a strong ballad. This is ballad has is very meaningful, this is also important to me because it’s the first ballad of my career. The song is a composition of Endri Sina, a well-known composer for his great ballads. Pandi Laçi the man who wrote the lyrics of the three Albanian entries (Albania 2005, 2007 and 2008) is the lyricist of my song,” said Flaka for ‘Eurosong Shqipëria’.

    news submitted by Eurosong Shqiperia

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