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  • Stefan Resimic (Serbia) 10:56 on June 8, 2014 10:56 am Permalink
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    Watch the official video clip of “Mea Culpa” 

    LISBON, PORTUGAL – The runner up and probably the rightful winner of Portuguese national selection, Festival da Cancao, young and beautiful Catarina Pereira has just published the official video for her entry Mea Culpa. Bruno Moreira directed the video, and of course the song is composed by Andrej Babic and the lyrics are written by Carlos Coelho. You can let Catarina seduce you by watching her video here.


    Portugal debuted at Eurovision back in 1964 and until now they didn’t participate on four occasions. This makes Portugal the country that is awaiting it’s victory for the longest. This year came back after passing the contest last year. They were represented by Suzy and Quero Ser Tua and they had only 1 point less then San Marino, who ended 10th in first semifinal.

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    LISBON. PORTUGAL – Until now everyone knows about the voting irregularities in Portugal. Now the saga continues and we are bringing you new informations as we talked with Carlos Coelho and Andrej Babic. They’ve told us that several people approached them with some testimonies about the voting procedure in Festival da Cancao that can reveal signs of possible corruption or fraud. Some even assure that it is a repetition of the same fraud that happened in 2007, when the same producer won.

    Given to this, they’ve contacted a lawyer to formally request RTP for the complete data of votes in the semifinal and final. According to data that RTP gave them, in semifinal, the results were:

    Rui Andrade and Catarina Pereira both had around 9000 votes while Susy had around 4000. Also, in semifinal, a system of a 1 vote per phone was used and the voting lasted only during the live show. In the final, Suzy boosted up to 41% of votes, while Catarina got 23%. In the final, unlimited votes were allowed per phone and the voting was open all week.

    So, the fact that Suzy was “boosted” from the 5th place (with half the votes of Catarina and Rui), to the 1st place with double amount of votes is really suspicious. Specially when there seems to be not many Suzy fans in Portugal. No one defends the song in Portugal nor in Portuguese internet, and the song is now a Portuguese comedy, with radio and TV comedians making jokes about it. The Portuguese press also talks about a “scandalous win” and no one believes this voting to be real. Most likely, it was a “paid” victory with the producers of winning song voting tens of thousands of times for their own song. It may be not illegal, but it surely is immoral and a fraud.

    Yes, we say that the loser can be angry because he lost, but what if the winner didn’t earn his win fairly? Will the truth come to light? Let’s hope for once it will.

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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – There will be storm in Lisbon tomorrow after the announcement of Suzy as winner of Portuguese national final tonight. She will represent the country with the song “Quero ser tea”. Neither Catarina or Rui (hot favourites in all polls, won the show. Will there be problem with the voting after all?

  • Stefan Resimic (Serbia) 22:24 on March 15, 2014 10:24 pm Permalink
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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – Portugal will be the last country that will select it’s entry today. Sad thing is that tonight’s show will be under the veil of voting scandal that emerged two days ago. You can read more about it here. After all no one withdrew, so tonight we will see the battle between five finalists. Stay tuned for our live report. The 2014 Portuguese Europrediction claims Catarina Pereira to win the show tonight.



    Show has just started and it is in black and white, as this opening act presents the history of Festival da Canção.


    Rui Andrade is the first one to come up on stage on tonight. His song is written by Marc Pealinck, while Rui write the lyrics. Marc is no stranger to Eurovision audience, as his songs already represented various countries on Eurovision. Rui sounds perfectly, what can also be said for his looks. Three ladies in red dress are with him on stage, while clouds on sky are on the screen. Some pyrotechnics were included. Very good reception in the public. On oikotimes.com Portuguese Europrediction 2014, Rui got 15% of the almost 9,210 unique votes!

    Next up is Catarina Pereira with Mea Culpa. Its written by Andrej Babic and Carlos Coelho. Andrej is another Eurovision veteran as his songs presented not just Portugal, but several ex Yugoslav countries. This song promises to the a big summer hit without a doubt. Catarina is on stage with three backing vocalists and two dancers, but she is also dancing there. Crowd likes her even more than Rui. This will a be big battle of songs. Lets just hope it will be a fair fight. On oikotimes.com Portuguese Europrediction 2014, Catarina got 59% of the almost 9,210 unique votes!

    Now we have a little break dedicated to famous Portuguese singers, producers, presenters, composers and many other artists.

    Nas asas da sorte is the third song of the night and it is performed by Zana and written by Jan Van Dijck and Paulo Abreu Lima. This is a true Portuguese folk song. Zana is accomplished with four male backing vocalists. She has an amazing voice but I’m afraid that she didn’t do the best tonight. But people in the hall also seems to like her performance. On oikotimes.com Portuguese Europrediction 2014, Zana got 13% of the almost 9,210 unique votes!

    Fourth tonight is Raquel Guerra with Sonhos roubados. Comparing to last three performances, she sounds the worst. You can literally see on her face that she is trying to do her best, but something seems to be going wrong. Five backing vocalists are not so synced with her. But in the she got a round of applause. She has her supporters in the public. On oikotimes.com Portuguese Europrediction 2014, Raquel got 4% of the almost 9,210 unique votes!

    Last performer of the night is Suzy with Emanuel’s song Quero ser tua. This is a song mixed with Afro and Portuguese rhythms. One of the dancers has his body colored. In my opinion this song should be in a Disney movies, something like Lion King, and certainly not on Eurovision stage. Crowd was very divided, as applause could be heard but also booing. On oikotimes.com Portuguese Europrediction 2014, Suzy got 10% of the almost 9,210 unique votes!

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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – It seems that some people want to accomplish their goal by all means. That is the case with one participant in Portuguese national final. Since the voting for the winner has started last Saturday, this participant wasn’t doing so well.

    Suddenly large amounts of calls are arriving every moment for this participant. And also, in a poll on one other website this participant has over the night rised from 5% to over 45%. You probably remember our recent article about the same issue in Sweden. We just can not tell is it the same case here.

    Carlos Coelho and Andrej Babic, authors of the song Mea Culpa performed by Catarina Pereira (currently in lead with almost 55% in our poll), are considering withdrawal due to this irregularity. Besides them, some of other participants are considering to do the same thing. At least we are fair and we are not going to tell you who the cheater is. There are still some honest people in this world.

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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – This Saturday, after a one year break, Portugal will select it’s entry for Eurovision. After the semifinal, list is shortened to five songs and it seems that it will be a very tight fight. We will also be doing a live report of the show just for you, who won’t be able to watch it live. In this article we will do a warm up, and present you all the finalists and their songs.


    Rui Andrade will perform first. His song is called “Ao teu encontro” and in English it means “To meet you”. Rui’s song is composed by a veteran on Eurovision field, Marc Paelinck, and the lyrics were written by Rui himself. His song is a euro-pop styled ballad that gives you an amazing impression with it’s Portuguese lyrics.

    Catarina Pereira will perform second with the song called “Mea Culpa”. Authors of her song are also not strangers to Eurovision audience. They are Andrej Babic and Carlos Coelho. Andrej’s songs participated in many other national finals. He also appeared as a backing vocalist on Eurovision stage for few times. Mea Culpa will make you dance for sure as well there is no doubt that it will become a summer hit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAF0vukzrOk
    Third spot in the final is reserved for Zana and “Nas asas da sorte”. Translated to English, her song means “On the wings of luck”. Jan Van Dijck wrote the music, while Paulo Abreu Lima is responsible for the lyrics of this modern folk song.

    Raquel Guerra is not just a singer. She is also an actress and she will perform fourth with her a bit dramatic song “Sonhos roubados” that was wriiten by Nuno Fiest and Nuno Marques da Silva, who wrote the lyrics.

    Last, but not the least will perform another female singer – Suzy. Her song is called “Quero ser tua” or in English “I want to be yours”. Her song was completely written by Emanuel and besides being clasical Portuguese dance song it has African motives in it. You probably remember Emanuel from 2007, as he composed Sabrina’s Dança conmigo, which just missed out the final, finishing 11th in the semi.

    You can also vote in our poll for your favourite (up to three choices) and we will announce the winner shortly before the live report starts (22.00 CET). What ever song wins this Saturday Portugal will for sure be welcomed back with a big round of applause.

  • Newsdesk (Europe) 20:48 on March 10, 2014 8:48 pm Permalink
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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – This Saturday the final of the Festival da Cancao will take place in Lisbon. The only male finalist is no less then Rui Andrade who already reached twice third place at the national selections for Eurovision in 2011 and 2012 but he aims for more.

    For this year’s selection he’s working very internationally. The song was composed by belgian Marc Paelinck who composed several Belgian Eurovision entries (2002, 2004) but also the last year’s Belarussian entry. However he got most fame with Chiara with his composition in 2009 but moreover over also as the unofficial (but we all know he wrote it) Malta entry of 2005 which got second place.

    For this years entry at the Festival da Cancao Rui Andrade is working also with an international manager, Olivier Vanhoutte, our oikotimes editor who worked in the past with many Eurovision participants like Ani Lorak, Dima Bilan, Hadise, Sakis Rouvas. He’s also currently managing both Ruslana and Alexander Rybak in the Benelux countries.

    Tonight Rui presented the official videoclip of ‘Ao teu encontro’ (Until I Find You) which we present you exclusively!

    Rui will perform at the national final this saturday. It is rumoured he won the semfinal so let’s cross fingers for the best! Go Rui, give Portugal the best result ever!

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 16:24 on February 9, 2014 4:24 pm Permalink
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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – It has been staying a long time quiet around the upcoming Festival da Cancao to be held on 8th and 15th March in Lisbon. However finally things are starting to move at RTP headquarters. On Tuesday all composers and artists will meet at RTP to get all the details on the preparation on the festival as well the running order will be determined for the semifinal on 8th March.

    Suzy (composer Emanuel)
    Popular artist in the 90’s, Susana Guerra (her real name) is living in Dubai but prepares a comeback.

    Raquel Guerra (composer Nuno Feist)
    Runner up in Portuguese “Pop Idol” in 2005.

    Madalena Trabuco (composer Tozé Santos)
    French singer, with Portuguese parents, she’s singer since 2008 with a first album published by Warner France.

    Rui Andrade (composer Marc Paelinck)
    Portuguese singer, musicalplayer and actor, he has competed in PT national final back in 2011 and 2012 ending each time in third position. He currently has a main role in the musical Grande Revista a Portuguesa in Lisbon.

    Ricardo Afonso (composer Ricardo Afonso)
    Portuguese singer living in the UK, currently he features a musical play in London. He tried his luck in The Voice UK.

    Ivo Lucas (composer Joao Só)
    Actor and singer aged 24, he’s currently in a TV-series on RTP1.

    Helder Godinho (composer Helder Godinho)
    Helder performes especially in bars and clubs. He composes and sings in Portuguese and English:

    From following composers the artists have not been revealed yet:
    Andrej Babic and Carlos Coelho (Portugal 2008, 2012) / Perfomer: TBC (possibly Catarina Pereira)
    Jan Van Dijck (Portugal 1990) / Perfomer: TBC (possibly No Stress Group)
    João Matos /Performer: TBC

    The Festival da Cancao which celebrates its 50th anniversary will be held in a convent, namely Convento do Beato, so definately a special atmosphere will be there.

  • A. Alexandrovic (Swiss) 13:51 on January 28, 2014 1:51 pm Permalink
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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – RTP announced today the 10 composers for the national selection which will take place through Festival da Canção edition. Each of their composers have to submit their songs and artists to RTP for the semifinal of Festival da Canção which is set for March 8th

    Andrej Babic and Carlos Coelho (Portugal 2008, 2012)
    Emanuel (Portugal 2007)
    Jan Van Dijck (Portugal 1990)
    João Matos
    João Só
    Marc Paelinck (Belgium 2004, Malta 2009, Belarus 2013)
    Nuno Feist
    Ricardo Afonso (also performer)
    Tiago Pais
    Tozé Santos

  • Newsdesk (Europe) 22:31 on January 21, 2014 10:31 pm Permalink
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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – The composer and the songwriter Andrej Babić and Carlos Coelho will compete in the Portuguese “Festival da Canção”, the national selection to the Eurovision Song Contest.

    The Croatian and Portuguese team was invited by RTP to compose and produce one of the 10 entries of the contest. Babić and Coelho was the team beyond one of the most successful Eurovision entries “Senhora do Mar”, performed by Vânia Fernandes back in 2008.

    Emanuel, composer of Portuguese entry in 2007 – “Dança comigo” performed by Sabrina – was also invited by RTP, according to the news spread today.

    Further details about the songs’ titles and artist’s names will be revealed in the next few days.


  • Norman Burdon (Canada) 13:54 on January 14, 2014 1:54 pm Permalink
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    LISBON, PORTUGAL – Head of delegation José Poiares told Festivaistv that the country is heading towards national final for Eurovision 2014 participation and this selection will take place through Festival da Canção.

    Festival da Canção though will not be as we know it. It will be two night show as it will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The first show will be a semifinal where two songs will be narrowed to five and the second night will decide the winner.

    There will be no more regional juries and the winner will be decided fully by the viewers. The show is aimed to air on March 8th and 15th 2014.

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