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Memories from Junior Eurovision 2013 (Gallery / Video)

KYIV, UKRAINE – This is the last post from the live coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013. In this post, as we traditionally do we sum all the experience of the team and friends who helped us bring you the latest information and once again the most enriched multimedia. CITY OF KYIV: PROS & CONS Well we knew all of the beggining that English is not something the Ukrainians speak so we knew we need to take care of ourselves. But this city is definitely worth ... | read the full story here

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Life after JESC: Anastasiya Petryk

KYIV, UKRAINE – Through this series of posts would like to present information about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest winners after-winning-life. What happened to the JESC winners after their triumph in the contest? In 2009, at the age of 7, Anastasiya Petryk appeared on the second season of Ukraine’s Got Talent with her older sister Viktoria “Vika” Petryk, who represented Ukraine in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008, finishing in second place. Even ... | read the full story here

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KYIV, UKRAINE – In Ukraine things are not going well and we know it for weeks now. Though Eurovision spirit remains high inside the national broadcaster and NTU already narrowed the 56 submissions to 20 as announced few days ago. Today NTU finally gave details about the national selection show. Фінал Національного відбору на Міжнародний пісенний конкурс “Євробачення 2014” will take place on December 21st as ... | read the full story here

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KYIV, UKRAINE – Anastasiya Petryk and her older sister rocked the Euroclub stage with the Beatles song ‘Come together. The winner from 2012 showed us that she stills worth it to have the title ‘Junior Eurovison Song Contest winner 2012 / 2013’. The 16 year old Viktoria also represented Ukraine in the Junior Eurovison Song Contest in 2008 and became runner up, bzikebi from Georgia became the winner back ... | read the full story here

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JUNIOREUROVISION.TV REPORTS – Acting NTU Director General Oleksander Panteleimonov, Deputy NTU Director General Victoria Romanova, Executive Producer of JESC2013 Roman Keryk and host of the event, Zlata Ognevich were there to discuss the upcoming show with press and fans in Kyiv. Host nation Ukraine have not only declared 2013 the Year of Children’s Creativity in their country but are now applying it to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013. “‘Be Creative!’ is the official ... | read the full story here

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The Eurovision Song Contest’s little sibling will enter its second decade of showcasing the best young singers and songwriters from Europe, in Kiev, in November. “We have a steering group that is revamping the contest to take it into the next stage of its life,” said EUROVISION Executive Supervisor, Vladislav Yakovlev. “Some new format elements will be included in this year’s event, including second and third prizes for outstanding participants as a way to acknowledge the enormous ... | read the full story here

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KYIV POST REPORTS Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said that it is necessary to create a public council in Ukraine that would deal with preparations for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and added that an application for the contest should be considered by the end of January, reads a statement posted on the Web site of the Cabinet of Ministers. He said this at a meeting with Junior Eurovision 2012 winner Nastia Petryk. Azarov said that after Petryk’s victory at Junior ... | read the full story here

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Ukrainian Prime Minister Mr Mykola Azarov had a special meeting today with Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner Anastasiya Petryk. Anastasiya made an impressive stage presentation along with an amazing performance last December bringing the trophy to Ukraine. Azarov congratulated the girl on a brilliant victory, giving her flowers and symbolic presents. Prime Minister hinted that the country should organize the next Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv again! “It gives me great ... | read the full story here

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The second set of rehearsals is on today and the is ready for a full review. We have our webcam on from the press center and YouTube is already full with videos. Junior Europrediction continues so share your votes with us and of course the latest news are available in our Russian section. Don’t forget Dmitry Koldun’s reviews and tweet us your comments. Anastasiya Petryk gives a powerful solo performance once again making us all think that Ukraine can make the ... | read the full story here

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09. UKRAINE – ANASTASIYA PETRYK – NEBO Anastasiya Petryk was born on 02.05.2002 in the City of Odessa. She is living in the village Nerubaiske, Odessa Region. Four years ago her sister Victoria got the best place for Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when she came 2nd. Anastasiya (10) went to the first grade of Nerubaiske grammar school № 1 in autumn 2008. Starting from March 2009 she is taking vocal lessons with Kravets Nina. In July 2009 she ranked 1st in the ... | read the full story here

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