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    Memories from Junior Eurovision 2013 (Gallery / Video) 

    KYIV, UKRAINE – This is the last post from the live coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013. In this post, as we traditionally do we sum all the experience of the oikotimes.com team and friends who helped us bring you the latest information and once again the most enriched multimedia.


    Well we knew all of the beggining that English is not something the Ukrainians speak so we knew we need to take care of ourselves. But this city is definitely worth to visit for many reasons: First because people are smiley and friendly. Second because they hug you and show you big hospitality mood. Third because the city is amazing. I loved the architecture which combines the old Soviet style with the modern builings and the amazing churches, museums. Although bit traffic in the city it was a pleasure to walk in Kyiv and discover great variety of shops, coffeeshops with amazing fresh blended coffee and nice restaurants covering all kinds of tastes. Fourth, because the metro can really save you from big traffic especially since taxis in Kyiv are not to trust (when it comes to pricing).


    Well I honestly cannot say it was a perfect show but I have to be fair and admit that it was an honest effort and a hard worked one. There might have been problems with the sound all over the show and with the live broadcast (i.e. the scrubbled Belarusian postcard, or bad lights in sevral songs) but overall it was a good show which we will remember.

    What really impressed us were the following:
    :: For the first time a Junior Eurovision event had a themed stage and not a vague abstract shapes. This is due to the excellent work of Elias Ledakis from Greece along with the logo designer Vaggelis Ntetzes. I have to admit though that the stag was amazing in the arena more than on the monitors. I think the camera work in this contest didn’t project the glory of the stage enough.

    :: Although the interval was too big this year and we were kind of waiting and waiting, it’s fair to admit that NTU and EBU managed to have for the very first time the senior Eurovision winner to perform on JESC. Emmelie was simply an asset to the show and for sure she must have brought extra attention and TV rates on November 30th.

    :: Timur and Zlata were descent hosts although they decided to skip the opening act magic trick with which Zlata would have been brought to stage through a magical box. Zlata’s performance in the interval was stunning and proved again why Ukraine was also a favourite in Malmoe’s Eurovision edition.

    :: There was a fair winner: Malta’s Gaia Cauchi was simply the best no matter what anyone can say. Malta should have won and proudly the country will host the 2014 edition. Her family and team wer friendly with everyone and one of the few delegations which never asked anything from the press as promotion. They went on this year’s JESC with only Gaia’s voice and talent and they won! Gaia’s victory and Maltese hosting next year will surely motivate me to attend the 2014 edition as well.

    Jurgen Borning (aka JP) from Radio International justified once again the title of the Eurovision Larry King. His support and sharing made the interview projects (also aired on oikotimes.com) simply the best on the web once again this year. Creative and always on duty, he managed to organize and book all artists and guests for the interviews with interesting Q&As. Special thanks of course to his assistance Lukasz who also was there and helped both team bring you the most excellent videos amongst all fan sites.


    This was a truly happy team. Fresh and full of energy the EBU team was always there for us not only for work but also to save the day. Fist of all Vlad Yakovlev gave his best to make this event a big international show as it deserves. His hard work for the past on year was simply amazing. He managed to have 12 countries in the show, UK broadcast and observers from Germany and Hungary who are keen to enter the contest next year.

    There is also a precious person that needs to be credited and hugged all day: the Aussie Princess Kath Lockett, the EBU’s Press Officer. Honestly if she wasn’t there I am not sure that oikotimes.com would have covered the event. Besides her excellent communication skills, this woman is your friend from the very first moment. We all love and worship her and we hope EBU will keep her. She is an asset for this show!

    I am personally aware that if there is someone that can handle pressure and stress as if she was a Super Woman, that is Victoria Romanova. Not because she did her job excellent, but because she handled all crisis during the week with absolut professionalism, saving the contest from a complete collapse especially when the goverment – production team crisis almost cancelled the event.

    I would also like to thank Lily Bobrovnik-Yamborak from NTU, not only for her amazing assistance but also for her support during the stolen computer incident. She was there for our team and made sure that all our requests were made true. She always smiles to people although working 24/7 and although exhausted she was always helpful and supportive.

    The political developments in Kyiv didn’t mess with Junior Eurovision and we never felt insecure in the city. We understand the country is going through a change and we would like to say that our heart is with our Ukrainian friends who struggle for a better life and more democracy. My personal view is that Ruslana did wise by choosing to support her nation is much more important than singing in the show.

    I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Ukrainian Police and venue securities for doing anything possible to solve the incident with the stolen computer from our team which literally almost destroyed the entire press trip.

    I personally need to thank Olga for helping us out once again, Yana and Julia for amazing assistance and support with our trip in Kyiv and Konstantin for really saving the entire press trip. Big hug and a kiss to Aija Medinika, for been around and for a great collaboration. I would personally like to thank Marc Mingels and Isanne Yard for tollerating me and giving 1000% of themselves as volunteers for this year’s coverage. Special thanks to the rest of the oikotimes.com team (Olivier Rocher, Stefan Resimic and Luka Popovic) for helping out from back home, so the website remain updated when it comes to senior Eurovision Song Contest.

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    Life after JESC: Anastasiya Petryk 

    KYIV, UKRAINE – Through this series of posts oikotimes.com would like to present information about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest winners after-winning-life. What happened to the JESC winners after their triumph in the contest?

    In 2009, at the age of 7, Anastasiya Petryk appeared on the second season of Ukraine’s Got Talent with her older sister Viktoria “Vika” Petryk, who represented Ukraine in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008, finishing in second place.

    Even though Anastasiya was only supporting her sister backstage, the judges invited her to sing a song with her sister Victoria. After singing I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll, they were invited to take part in the show together, reaching the semi-finals. That year Anastasiya also won the first prize in the “Moloda Halychyna” and second prize in the “Black Sea Games 2009”.

    In 2010, at the International Popular Music competition “New Wave Junior 2010” held in Artek, Ukraine, Anastasiya won the first prize in the younger age group (8 to 12 years old). Her sister Viktoria won in the older age group.

    In 2012, Anastasiya Petryk won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the song “Nebo”. She set new records from both largest winning margin in Junior Eurovision with 138 points (35 points ahead of 2nd. place) and largest percentage of 12-point scores, being awarded 12 points by all the voting countries plus an international jury that could vote for her.

    Discography Singles
    2010 “Oh! Darling”
    2010 “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”
    2011 “When You Believe”
    2012 “Nebo”
    2013 “Peremoha”
    2013 “Number One”

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    KYIV, UKRAINE – In Ukraine things are not going well and we know it for weeks now. Though Eurovision spirit remains high inside the national broadcaster and NTU already narrowed the 56 submissions to 20 as announced few days ago.

    Today NTU finally gave details about the national selection show. Фінал Національного відбору на Міжнародний пісенний конкурс “Євробачення 2014” will take place on December 21st as scheduled at 11:15 CET in the morning. Within 2,5 hours we will know which of the 20 acts will go to Copenhagen.

    Anna-Mariya – 5 Star Hotel
    Roman Polonskij – Wanted Dead Or Alive
    ULI RUD – Tswetok (Flower)
    Marietta – It’s My Life
    Stas Shurins – Why
    Anatoli Shparyov – Waiting For You
    Nataliya Valevska – Love Makes You Beautiful
    Lissa Wassabi – No Fear
    Volodymyr Tkachenko – Buty Tam De Ty (To Be Where You Are)
    Shanis – Moya Dusha (My Soul)
    Victoria Petryk – Love Is Lord
    Eugen Litvinkovych – Strelyanaya Ptitsa (Wounded Bird)
    NeAngely – Courageous
    Illaria – I’m Alive
    Tetyana Shyrko – Let Go
    Tania BerQ – Believe Me
    Maria Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock
    Victor Romanchenko – Na Krayu Propasti (On The Brink Of The Abyss)
    Anna Hodorkovska – Yesli Yest Lyubov (If There Is Love)
    Denis Lyubimov – Love

    Some information about the artists. Anna Hodorkovska is the winner of the Ukrainian edition of The Voice. Maria Yaremchuk participated in the 2013 NF of Ukraine reaching 5th place while Tetyana Shyrko last year came 4th. NeAngely is known from compositions for Alexander Bard from Army of Lovers.

    Evgen Litvinkovych is known as finalists from Ukraine’s Got Talent and X-Factor editions. Victoria Petryk came 2nd in Junior Eurovision 2008 and is the sister of the 2012 Junior Eurovision winner Anastasiya Petryk. Stas Shurins is the winner of Star Academy in Ukraine.

    Tania BerQ – a young ukrainian singer, participating for the first time in the national selection to Eurovision with most of her songs in English. She has a great desire represent Ukraine at the contest.

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    KYIV, UKRAINE – Anastasiya Petryk and her older sister rocked the Euroclub stage with the Beatles song ‘Come together. The winner from 2012 showed us that she stills worth it to have the title ‘Junior Eurovison Song Contest winner 2012 / 2013’.

    The 16 year old Viktoria also represented Ukraine in the Junior Eurovison Song Contest in 2008 and became runner up, bzikebi from Georgia became the winner back then.

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    JUNIOREUROVISION.TV REPORTS – Acting NTU Director General Oleksander Panteleimonov, Deputy NTU Director General Victoria Romanova, Executive Producer of JESC2013 Roman Keryk and host of the event, Zlata Ognevich were there to discuss the upcoming show with press and fans in Kyiv.

    Host nation Ukraine have not only declared 2013 the Year of Children’s Creativity in their country but are now applying it to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

    “‘Be Creative!’ is the official slogan and is a perfect pairing with our Puzzle Man logo,” says Oleksandr Panteleimonov, Director General of NTU. “Renowned designer Elias Ledakis’ took this theme to an inspired level with his unique jigsaw stage. Our team is working on bringing it all to life so it will create a fairytale atmosphere that also uses the very latest in technology,” he says.

    The running order draw
    In addition to the creativity on stage and that the children performing will provide, NTU have decided to do the draw deciding the running order of songs during the opening party on the 25th November in Kyiv. “We’re going to get the children to pick the order that they perform in,” explains Executive Producer Roman Keryk. “It will be a live part of the event with everyone looking on, wondering how the numbers will fall but also seeing how fair and transparent the process is.”

    Song duration
    Other innovations for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 include extending the length of the song to three minutes, changing the length of the postcards to fifty seconds to allow more time for the contestants to introduce themselves and the heads of the Children’s Jury will announce their points live on stage. “Their input into the competition is vital,” Panteleimonov explains. “Therefore we’ve invited them to deliver their results live on stage so that they can be part of celebrating the event too.”

    Trohpies for top three
    The trophy designs were also unveiled, featuring Puzzle man in three dazzling colours to represent three awards instead of just one as done previously.

    Special guest
    NTU previously hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. That event was won by Ralf Mackenbach with his song Click Clack representing the Netherlands. The previous Junior Eurovision Song Contest was also won by Ukraine when their contestant Anastasiya Petryk won the hearts of Europe with her song Nebo in Amsterdam in 2012. Anastasiya will be appearing as a special guest of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

    Steering group
    The European Broadcasting Union and Junior Eurovision Song Contest Steering Group travelled to Kyiv last week to meet with NTU and discuss the arrangements for the show. “We had been impressed with their show in 2009 but their arrangements for 2013 have taken things to an entirely new level,” says Vladislav Yakovlev, Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. “Their commitment to making it the largest live event in the Palace of Arts Ukraina and willingness to fully embrace the ‘Be Creative!’ theme and make it an unforgettable week for the children involved is incredibly impressive.”

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    The Eurovision Song Contest’s little sibling will enter its second decade of showcasing the best young singers and songwriters from Europe, in Kiev, in November.

    “We have a steering group that is revamping the contest to take it into the next stage of its life,” said EUROVISION Executive Supervisor, Vladislav Yakovlev. “Some new format elements will be included in this year’s event, including second and third prizes for outstanding participants as a way to acknowledge the enormous range of talent that our young performers possess.”

    Ten-year-old Ukrainian songster Anastasiya Petryk, who won the 10th competition last year with ‘Nebo,’ (‘Sky’), will return to perform at this year’s event in Kiev, at the National Palace of Arts “Ukraina”. Following Anastasiya’s victory, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych declared 2013 the Year of Children’s Creativity.

    As the host country, Ukraine, and its national broadcaster NTU have seized the opportunity to run with this theme for the contest.

    “This is perfect for Junior Eurovision 2013. Creativity is one of the four key values of the event, which allows children the freedom to show off their skills and talents to fans, not only in Europe but in the rest of the world,” said NTU Director General Oleksandr Panteleimonov.

    Vladislav Yakovlev agrees. “We want the children to enjoy a positive and fun environment that gives them time in the spotlight and a way to joyfully express themselves,” he said.

    The two-hour contest is suitable for all audiences and will be broadcast live on 30 November 2013. Contestants will perform live in front of millions of viewers watching on television or via streaming, with the winner selected by juries and viewers from participating countries.

    Entries and interest from broadcasters all over Europe remains high. Several have already completed the selection process while others are currently seeking a performer aged between 10 and 15 who will take on the honour of representing their country.

    The contest is open exclusively to broadcasters that are Members of the EBU. The closing date for submission of entries is Friday 16 August.

    Countries wanting to take part in this years contest have until the 16th of August. The countries that are confirmed so far are:


    There have been suggestions that Malta may be looking at returning to the contest this year. The minimum number of countries that can take part is 12.


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    Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said that it is necessary to create a public council in Ukraine that would deal with preparations for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and added that an application for the contest should be considered by the end of January, reads a statement posted on the Web site of the Cabinet of Ministers. He said this at a meeting with Junior Eurovision 2012 winner Nastia Petryk.

    Azarov said that after Petryk’s victory at Junior Eurovision 2012 the next contest should be held in Ukraine. The country has already submitted a respective application, and the result of its consideration will be announced in late January.

    Azarov also proposed creating a public council that would deal with preparations for the contest, with the support of the state. He also asked well-known Ukrainian designer Diana Dorozhkina, who also attended the meeting, to submit proposals on the composition of the council, as well as to consider the involvement of sponsors in the organization of the contest.

    “Of course, the state will support the holding of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine, but at the same time, it would be great to involve in this process sponsors, intellectuals and people who can financially help organize the competition at a high level,” he said.

    Azarov noted that the government was ready to consider in a few weeks the proposals on the holding of the international children’s competition in Kyiv and take a respective decision.

    “We will consider these proposals at a government meeting and make a respective decision. We will decide on what is required from the state and will hold [the contest]. If we managed to hold the European Football Championship in 2012, we will also manage to hold the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013,” Azarov said.

    Petryk, with her song “Nebo” (“Sky”), won the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which ended in Amsterdam on December 1.


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    Ukrainian Prime Minister Mr Mykola Azarov had a special meeting today with Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner Anastasiya Petryk. Anastasiya made an impressive stage presentation along with an amazing performance last December bringing the trophy to Ukraine. Azarov congratulated the girl on a brilliant victory, giving her flowers and symbolic presents. Prime Minister hinted that the country should organize the next Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv again! “It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you. I want to wish you success, particularly in the organization the contest here, in Kyiv,” Azarov said. It’s official that Ukraine bids to host next JESC edition in 2013.

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    The second set of rehearsals is on today and the oikotimes.com is ready for a full review. We have our webcam on from the press center and YouTube is already full with videos. Junior Europrediction continues so share your votes with us and of course the latest news are available in our Russian section. Don’t forget Dmitry Koldun’s reviews and tweet us your comments.

    Anastasiya Petryk gives a powerful solo performance once again making us all think that Ukraine can make the difference on Saturday night. She is wearing a white dress which turns in the bottom to be light blue, very aerial and her hair are left down today. She is so mystic today. No matter if you agree or not with the stage presentation no one doubts this voice is absolutely amazing. Camera work also boosts this song. Hmm an outsider? Why not!


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    Anastasiya Petryk was born on 02.05.2002 in the City of Odessa. She is living in the village Nerubaiske, Odessa Region. Four years ago her sister Victoria got the best place for Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when she came 2nd. Anastasiya (10) went to the first grade of Nerubaiske grammar school № 1 in autumn 2008. Starting from March 2009 she is taking vocal lessons with Kravets Nina. In July 2009 she ranked 1st in the International Contest “Moloda Halychyna” (Young Halychyna) in the city of Novoyavorovsk, Lviv Region.


    You will never like the song but you will love the vocal skills of Anastasiya. She appears solo on stage and gives an outstanding performance although there is nothing else to see.

    videos are temporarily unavailable for most YouTube accounts as their poor quality is faulted by YouTube problem. Team of YouTube try to solve this. Until then videos cannot really be watched. We will update this article when videos are available

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    Anastasiya Petryk represents Ukraine this year in the 10th edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The 10 year old artist from Ukraine and their delegation were picked up by AVRO welcoming team plus a translator to make everything easy for them.

    Anastasiya is following her sister’s steps as in 2008 Victoria represented Ukraine in the same contest ranking 2nd. If you think her song entry “Nebo” has a chance to win why not vote for Ukraine in the oikotimes.com’s Junior Europrediction!

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