SWITZERLAND – SRF revealed the authors of the national final entries. Die Entscheidungsshow, the show through which Switzerland will decide its participation to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on February 5th.

Familiar names are participating: Ricardo Sanz tries for the third time in the Swiss national final after 2014 (3rd) and 2016 (2nd). Denniz Jamm is also a composer in the 2017 Melodifestivalen, Andreas Stone Johansson in the Norwegian final in 2015, Mahan Moin in the 2014 Melodifestivalen and 2017 Lituanian national selection this year. Finally Alessandra Günthardt composed the 2014 Azeri entry along with Stefan Örn and Johan Kronlund.

Freschta – Gold:
Lyrics – Iris Bösiger
Music – Iris Bösiger, Christoph Bauss, Christopher Heath, Simon Adrian, Freschta Akbarzada

Ginta Biku – Cet Air La:
Lyrics – Ginta Biku and LIM (Salim Lakhdari)
Music – Johan Czerneski und Daniel Kromo Kromolowski

Michèle – Two Faces:
Lyrics and music – Laura Kloos, Hermann Niesig, Nils Brunkhorst and Michèle Bircher

Nayda – The Firre In The Sky:
Lyrics and music – Ricardo Sanz

Shana Pearson – Exodus:
Lyrics and music – Denniz Jamm, Andreas Stone Johansson, Mahan Moin

Timbelle – Apollo:
Lyrics and music: Elias Näslin, Nicolas Günthardt and Alessandra Günthardt