GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Today is the final day to submit a song for the Swiss national final through their official website. The national final of Switzerland attracts many artists who see this process as a great chance to submit a song for Eurovision as their own countries don’t easily give them access either because they have strict national selection procedures, or they don’t participate in Eurovision and various other reasons.

From the United States, the Greek American Bombshell, Annet Artani also submitted a song for the Swiss national final. Back in 2006 she proudly represented the island of Aphrodite with the song “Why do the angels cry” but this time she turns into rock jazz and presents a totally new vibe – proposal for the Eurovision Song Contest. You can check her submission here titled “You Got What I Need”.

In the past few months, I signed on to Notting Hill Music Publishing, based out of the U.K. and have been traveling to write music with the amazing writers and producers worldwide affiliated through my publisher. Notting Hill was my first publisher for “Everytime” performed by Britney Spears, which went #1 all over the world, and so i partnered up with them for good now and my first mission was to write some smashes in Norway- one of which is my Swiss Eurovision Entry called “You Got what i need”.

Popular Polish singer Gosia Andrzejewicz decided to send her song for Swiss National Final for the 2nd time. She tried to manage the final in 2011 with ballad “You”, now she participate with “I’m not afraid” which she already upload on Eurovision Platform.

“I’m not afraid” was written by American producer Andreas Fresko. Song was played on YouTube more than 100,000 times already, was aired on Polish radio station ESKA and received good comments at FYR Macedonia’s music website ZaSe.mk. You can read more about the story here.

Daria Kinzer the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest entrant from Croatia is trying to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2014. Daria who finished in 15th place with 41 points with the song “Celebrate” in Dusseldorf. Daria has now entered the song “Somebody like you” into the SRF open internet selection which closed today. You can watch the song here (eurovoix.com)

What is it about Switzerland and their Eurovision Selection Process that attracts former X-Factor contestants? 2013 is no exception as yet another former UK X-Factor Act enters the race to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2014.

No it is not Rylan Clark (though that would be 3 minutes worth watching). 2014 sees the Act “Diva Fever” from the X-Factor 2010, try their luck at Eurovision.

They have entered the song “Dancefloor Lover” into the Swiss Selection and you can see it here (source: eurovisionireland.net)

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