A record-breaking 13,000 enthusiastic spectators were ready for the big Final of the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest in the Globen Arena in Stockholm.

25 participating countries were intended for the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, but Greece decided not to participate, so only 24 took part as the European Broadcasting Union did not find a replacement in time for the last spot. Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Lithuania, Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina were not allowed to take part due to their bad average scores. Latvia made its debut this year, and the entry My Star performed by the group Brainstorm did really well, finishing in third position. Estonia finished fourth with Ines’ Once In A Lifetime which was the bookmaker’s favourite. Internet polls also had the United Kingdom and the Netherlands as favourites but these countries only finished 16th and 13th respectively.

13,000 spectators were at the final in the Globen Arena in Stockholm, which was a new record. This record did not last long, though. Already at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen 2001, the record was exceeded. The Israeli participants caused a stir when members of the group Ping Pong started waving the Syrian flag during their performance. The Netherlands had to use a back-up jury for their votes because of a large fireworks disaster in the city of Enschede, which meant that only half of the song contest was aired live on Dutch television.

Despite the fact that Denmark’s song Fly On The Wings Of Love by the Olsen Brothers climbed in the predicted rankings in the week prior to the final, the Scandinavian country was only thought to finish in 18th position. Therefore it came as a huge surprise for many that the charming Olsen Brothers won – and with a large margin to the runner-up, Russia. Fly on the wings of love went on to become a huge hit in Scandinavia and the German-speaking countries. The Russian delegation petitioned the disqualification of the winner, Denmark, because a vocoder had been used to give one of the performers in the Danish duo, Jørgen Olsen, an electronic sound to his voice during one part of their performance.

For the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, an official CD was released which included all 24 songs. Since then, CDs with all entries have been released every year.


01 Israel Ping Pong Sa’me’akh 007 22
02 Netherlands Linda Wagenmakers No Goodbyes 040 13
03 Un. Kingdom Nicki French Don’t Play That Song Again 028 16
04 Estonia Ines Once In A Lifetime 098 04
05 France Sofia Mestari On Aura Le Ciel 005 23
06 Romania Taxi The Moon 025 17
07 Malta Claudette Pace Desire 073 08
08 Norway Charmed My Heart Goes Boom 057 11
09 Russia Alsou Solo 155 02
10 Belgium Nathalie Sorce Envie De Vivre 002 24
11 Cyprus Voice Nomiza 008 21
12 Iceland Einer Augúst Víðisson &
Telma Augústdóttir
Tell Me! 045 12
13 Spain Serafín Zubiri Colgado De Un Sueño 018 18
14 Denmark Olsen brothers Fly On The Wings Of Love 195 01
15 Germany Stefan Raab Wadde Hadde Dudde Da 096 05
16 Switzerland Jane Bogaert La Vita Cos’è? 014 20
17 Croatia Goran Karan Kada Zaspu Andeli 070 09
18 Sweden Roger Pontare When Spirits Are Calling My Name 088 07
19 FYR Macedonia XXL 100% Te Ljubam 029 15
20 Finland Nina Åström A Little Bit 018 18
21 Latvia BrainStorm My Star 136 03
22 Turkey Pinar Ayhan & S.O.S. band Yorgunum Anla 059 10
23 Ireland Eamonn Toal Millennium Of Love 092 06
24 Austria The rounder girls All To You 034 1

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