MADRID, SPAIN – The Spanish website has compiled a survey among its readers to determine who they would prefer to represent Spain at Eurovision 2014.

The favourite by 2900 votes, according to readers is young spanish artist, Roko, a winner of the 2013 edition of “Tu cara me suena” (Your face sounds familiar). In second place with 2693 votes is Ruth Lorenzo a British X-Factor participant who is a complete unknown in Spain. Third place was reserved for Pablo Alboran, a multi-winning artist who scored 2595 votes.

Little can be determined from these votes, in 2013, Malú was considered the favourite with Chenoa ranking as first choice in both 2011 and 2012. In 2010, Monica Naranjo scored the honour of being named faourite among readers to represent Spain at Eurovision. The votes incorporated readers to the site and an international panel who decided from the 100 options made available through an internal panel.

01º: Roko: 2.900 votes
02º: Ruth Lorenzo: 2.693 votes
03º: Pablo Alborán: 2.595 votes
04º: Malú: 2.510 votes
05º: Mónica Naranjo: 2.450 votes
06º: Raúl Bowl: 2.075 votes
07º: Angy: 2.046 votes
08º: David Bustamante: 2.025 votes
09º: Edurne: 1.957 votes
10º: La Oreja de Van Gogh 1.947 votes
11º: Maika: 1.463 votes
12º: Mey Green: 1.447 votes

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