Spanish Eurostars interested for Lisbon 2018 (although they know how TVE works)

SPAIN – Former Spanish Eurovision stars are gearing themselves to compete at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. It appears that with the following edition being held in the neighbouring country, many former Eurovision Spanish stars are interested in taking part, especially those who found favour within the Portuguese public.

Chenoa, a former Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy) graduate and backing singer for Rosa at Eurovision 2002, who previously claimed an interest in taking part, has once again done so but reiterated the need to have full control over the artistic representation of her performance, something which has always posed a problem for TVE at Eurovision.

Another former Spanish Eurovision star who has claimed an interest in taking part is David Civera, who came sixth in Eurovision 2001 with the song “Dile que la Quiero”. Civera is currently working on a song which he is looking to put forward for Eurovision 2018. The work on the song is already at an advanced stage and Civera hopes to be given the opportunity of representing Spain in Lisbon. He was part of the national jury in 2017 and feels that he owes the country the opportunity of instilling the passion that appears to have been lost in recent years. David Civera is still in recent times, the highest placed Spanish singer at Eurovision.

For it’s part, TVE have yet to make any announcement on what format it will pursue for Eurovision. Early suggestions were that the newly acquired Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy) format would pave the way for the selection of the artist or artists to represent Spain in Lisbon. This is still very much an option but it is not known how the public will take to the show, especially after so many years after it left the primetime format and for this reason, TVE is still silent on which direction it will take.

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