SPAIN – Last minutes changes in Operación Triunfo and its Eurovision selection have been announced by the Spanish national broadcaster. The changes will result to an announcement of the four finalists on Monday January 15th and not five on January 22nd as originally scheduled. One more finalists will be decided through another process. So let’s see how those five will be selected. Agoney, Ana Guerra, Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Miriam and Roi are the remaining candidates for the show and Lisbon’s Eurovision Song Contest edition.

  • January 15: Operación Triunfo jury will decide and vote for the three finalists (out of the 6 remaining participants in the show)
  • January 15: Academy teachers will decide the fourth finalist for the Eurovision Gala
  • Then the two remaning participants in Operación Triunfo will be given to the public to decide the fifth participant
  • Thee fifth participant will be announced on January 22nd
  • On January 23rd the song titles, the composers and the assigned singers will be announced
  • January 29th the Eurovision Gala will decide the 2018 Eurovision representative
  • Operación Triunfo final is scheduled for February 5th