Spain 2017: Toñi Prieto to give explanations to the authorities while Manel films his clip in Tenerife

SPAIN – The situation involving TVE continues to drag on as Manel Navarro films the official video for his song in Tenerife and Toñi Prieto, head of entertainment for the channel, is now being questioned by the auditory committee on events surrounding the Spanish National Final, where Manel Navarro was selected to represent the country in Kiev.

Spanish law with the introduction of the transparency law, requires all actions undertaken by a public body to be scrutinised if there are questions around malpractice and the Auditory Committee are responsible for heading an investigation into what happened at the National Final. The committee meeting will involve 5 politicians chosen by the three main political parties in Parliament. Toñi Prieto will be asked to give her version of events as to what happened in the National final, where two of the jury members have been proven to have previous links to the chosen Spanish candidate for Eurovision. The meeting will be given a preapproved date but rumour has it that the Committee President is likely to delay the appearance of Prieto until March. Any results gathered by the Committee will have to be handed to the Council of Administration, who in turn have the ultimate voice in deciding what happens to those involved.

Questions that are likely to come up are how Toñi Prieto’s daughter happens to work for Sony Music, the same record label behind the promotion of Manel Navarro. How two of the Jury members have worked with Manel Navarro prior to the National Final, with one actively pictured promoting the candidate before the final took place. The production of the final, involving a company in which Toñi Prieto is herself involved and how this has been repeated even though using that company was questioned the previous year. TVE themselves have still refused to release details of expenses for Eurovision 2015, delaying a request by the Council of Administration to do so, by repeatedly appealing the request.

Meanwhile Manel Navarro has began filming the official video for his song “Do it for your lover” in Tenerife. The video involves a surfing and summery background and is being directed by Mauro D. Galiano, who has previously worked with many national Spanish artists. Manel Navarro has confirmed his attendance at the Amsterdam Eurovision Concert on the 8th April and is looking to also attend the London Eurovision Party, with other possible appearances elsewhere highly likely.

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