As Spain looks to select a representative for Eurovision 2014, is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with the final participant who will be taking part in the preselection contest. Brequette who will be taking part with her song “Más (Run)” talks exclusively to Jaime Solloso for


Hello Brequette, you present yourself with the song “Más (Run)” composed by two Eurovision greats. What can you tell us of the song?
It’s a very intense and spectacular song, current and very international.

Your song has sentences in English, do you that adding English is important in order to win votes at Eurovision?
Yes. You have to be at the level of Europe and it’s very positive that the song combines both English and Spanish.

Your name is not very common in Spain, where does it originate from?
I think it descents from Germany.

Previously you have participated in other musical programmes but is the national preselection a step up in your career?
Yes, I am very pleased to be able to live this experience.

This looks like being a tightly fought contest. Are you surprised that RTVE decided to have a preselection contest when all the rumours indicated an internal selection?
Yes, I am surprised but I knew the song was good.

What memories do you have of Eurovision, are you excited to take part?
I remember listening to the song by Bonnie Tyler (Believe in me) and I thought; “what a lovely song” and listening to previous entries I found the one by Betty Missiego (Su canción) and it gave me strength to think that it wouldn’t be the first time that someone not born in Spain could represent the country with the same feeling.

The final is taking part in Denmark this year. It seems that lately it is further away for Spain. Do you see Spain winning Eurovision some time soon?
Yes, of course. I believe in the possibilities of Spain and who represents the country.

Of the other candidates that are taking part this year, do you think any of them start as favourites for Copenhagen?
I don’t know, it would depend of the song and other things that I don’t want to think of right now.

For an artista, do you consider Eurovision the pinacle of a career or is it just another festival?
It’s a great step but there are many other stages where I would love to sing in.

What could you tell our readers?
I am very excited and nervous and I would like to thank everyone for all the support that I’m receiving and that you enjoy this adventure alongside me. Kisses for everyone and thank you.

At 16, Brequette made by South Africa tour singing with an agency in Johannesburg. It was a time of professional growth through what passed her companions: “From them I learned everything, like working with people, and keep me humble, and learned from their experiences, their experiences and above all of the advice I got. For me it was like a school of life. “Then here came to Spain and has worked on various tribute shows Barry White, Donna Summer and The Supremes’.