The Grand Final of the Icelandic preselection for Eurovision 2012 is about to start!


RUV is making a resume of the Icelandic history at Eurovision, a recap of all Its entries with some interviews is being broadcasted before the show starts.


Greta Salóme (Iceland 2012) is opening the show with their new songs, she just perform “A Thousand More Goodbyes” and she is performing “In the Silence” now.

1.Magni Ásgeirsson – Ekki líta undan

Magni is the finalist who has opened the show. This time, he has performed his song with the company of three backing vocalists and a drummer. He didn’t qualify for the final but he got the wildcard and is in the final.

2. Svavar Knútur Kristinsson & Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Hólm – Lífið snýst

The happiest song in this final just be performed. Knútur & Hreindís have performed their song with the company of some musicians playing various instruments: ukeleles, guitars, an accordion… They are qualifiers from the first semi-final.

3. Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – Ég á líf

One of the strongest voices in this final has performed alone on stage. A very nice ballad and one of the favourite songs to represent Iceland at Eurovision 2013 qualified from the first semi-final.

4. Birgitta Haukdal – Meðal andanna

The Icelandic representative at Eurovision 2003 is nearer to represent her country after ten years of her 8th place in Latvia. Meðal andanna has been performed with four backing vocalists dressed with dark cloacks and a better voice than at semi-finalQualified from the first semi-final, It is a very strong ballad at this competition.

5. Jógvan Hansen & Stefanía Svavarsdóttir – Til þín

One of the favourites to represent Iceland just perform their song at this national final. The couple from Mosfellsbær has performed their powerfull song alone on stage but with very strong voices. Will we have another couple for Iceland in 2013? They qualified at the second semi-final.

6. Haraldur Reynisson – Vinátta

From the second semi-final is Vinátta, a simple and classy song performed by Haraldur playing the guitar with two backing vocalists. The fire has been part of the performance in the background and with some candles on the stage.

7. Unnur Eggertsdóttir – Ég syng!

The last performer has been Unnur with her catchy song Ég syng!, three backing vocalist includig Heida Olafsdottir (Eurovision 2010 backing vocalist) and Alma Rut (Eurovision 2012 backing vocalist) and two dancers have been with her on stage.

The Voting time is opened!

Greta Salóme is being interviewed at this time by the two TV presenters on stage, probably talking about her experience at Eurovision 2012 and her new album “In the Silence”.

RUV is intruducing all already Eurovision 2013 selected songs with a recap. On the other hand, they are playing several recaps with participants in this final for the public televote.

Selma, Fridirik Omar and Regina Osk are performing a medley of some Eurovision songs during the interval act.

All finalists are singing together in the green room right now!

We have the first superfinalist:

Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – Ég á líf

The second one is….

Unnur Eggertsdóttir – Ég syng!

The two superfinalists just perform again and the voting is now opened for second time.

Let’s wait for the result!

Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson is the winner and he will represent Iceland at Eurovision 2013 with Ég á líf!