ALYONA LANSKAYAHuge change in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 betting odds. Belarus climbs as 6th favourite to win this year while a week ago it was ranked 38th! The Eurofans are enthusiastic with the new song of Alyona Lanskaya “Solayoh” penned by Marc Paelnick.

In the meantime BTRC issued an official press release concerning the selection of the song although it was known the song chosen for Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was decided both by, various message-boards and Alyona Lanskaya’s Facebook fan page:

Today it was revealed that Alyona Lanskaya will perform the uptempo song ‘Solayoh’ at the forthcoming Eurovision Songcontest to be held in Malmö, Sweden during the first semifinal on 14th May and hopefully also on the final on 18th.

Alyona had won the National Selection in December with the song Rhythm of love, penned by Belarussian composer Leonid Shirin. Although the song was very good and welcomed by many people, it was unanimously decided that ‘Solayoh’ was a more appropriate song for Eurovision.

The team behind the song are Belgian composer Marc Paelinck and British lyricist Martin King. Marc Paelinck has worked already on several occasions on Eurovision for Belgium and Malta, but apart from Eurovision he has written many hitsongs, including 9 top-5 hitsingles in Belgium with the group “Touch of Joy” and best selling number 1 song there in 2004, including many top 10 hitsingles in other countries like the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, … Marc is now very honoured to have written the Belarussian entry for Eurovision. He’s currently living in Switzerland.

The British lyricist Martin King, living in Belgium for many years, is a very respected writer and ex-lecturer of the Antwerp University. He wrote many successful lyrics for Belgian stars like Belle Perez, The Scabs, The Radio’s and Dana Winner. Both finished the song in the end of last year on which they have been working on for a while now in order to find the right singer…and they finally found the right one : Alyona Lanskaya!

The idea of the song is based on the abstract planet which inhabitants are kind and sincere people. They believe in miracles and that everything what happens is a miracle. They live in the present moment, are able to live every moment of their life brightly and happely. There’s no drab existence and single people. Their hearts are filled with Love and they draw their inspiration to express and reveal themselves through music, dancing and laughing. The main components of the success in life on the planet “Solayoh” are Trust, Hope and Love. The mission of the planet is to share the energy of love and inspiration.

“When I heard the demo version of the song “Solayoh”, it immediately found echo in my heart. First of all, I listen to my own feelings: love, happiness, joy of life, to the joy of feeling the world around us. I felt myself a part of a wonderful world. I can easily invite each listener to the planet and share the atmosphere of happiness, love and joy through the music. And as once Alice in Wonderland said, “to draw anything in your life, imagine if it is already there” – said Alyona Lanskaya. The recording and production of the song took place some weeks ago in the world famous Abbey Road studio’s in London.

Currently the team is working hard to shoot shortly a video clip of ‘Solayoh’ with an international team. A promotional tour will also be set up, so be aware, Alyona will shine as never before and bring Belarus a great show for Eurovision! The exclusive live premiere of ‘Solayoh’ will be taking place this Saturday during the Romanian National Final live from Bucharest. One week later, Alyona will also be a guest at the Moldovan National and other promotional visits to several other countries like The United Kingdom, Greece, The Netherlands and Belgium amongst are scheduled.

Together with the announcement, the song got also an immediate European release on iTunes, which link can be found here. Since the announcement of the song, Belarus went up from place 38 to a place between 4 and 7 in the betting odds!