Slovenia selected internally Hannah Mancini to fly the Slovenian flag in Malmoe next May. The Slovenian national broadcaster also announced that the song for Eurovision 2013 will be presented on February 14th and five submitted entries are already in the run.

Hannah Mancini hails form the USA although has been living in Slovenia for the past six years. She is no stranger to the Slovenian selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest, she participated in the 2011 edition which was won by Maja Keuc, together with Sylvain and Mike Vale with the song Ti Si Tisti. She has been a singer and author of music over many years, and has performed on stages around the world such as Radio City Music Hall and Universal Amphitheatre and has even appeared on the world renowned Jay Leno Show.

Amongst her other accolades, Hannah has worked on several Disney films with top music producers Todd Chapman and Larry Klein. She has also collaborated in several different productions throughout her time in Europe over the past six years. (source: eurovision.tv)