YEREVAN, ARMENIA – Former Greek and Armenian Eurovision representatives, Sakis Rouvas (2004 and 2009 as well as 2006 host) and Sirusho (2008) have joined forces and recorded a song together. The video of the song, entitled “See”, has been released on YouTube.


Sirusho says the bond between the two nations has brought the artists closer, “Our people have a lot in common, both are very emotional. We can get sad and angry very quickly but we sure know how to party. Greeks and Armenians are one of the oldest nations on the planet. The friedship between our countries has a long history, and to seal it with a song felt like the right thing to do”. The Armenian superstar has only words of graditute to her Greek collegue, “Sakis is a great artist. We have both been representing our countries for a long time and have similar achievements, similar musical background. Sakis has been a leading artist in the Greek market for a very long time. It is a pleasure to collaborate with him. I think something we both want out of this project is to give good mood to our audience, to make them happy, so they can forget about troubles and just enjoy life”.

On the other hand, Sakis says the chemistry between himself and Sirusho is reflected in the song. “I am really glad and excited for this collaboration! Sirusho is a great artist with positive energy on stage and we matched perfectly. Our chemistry is reflected on this song, which is a mixture of our cultures. I really hope you love it as we do”! The Greek star did not rule out a return to Eurovision saying, “No one knows for sure”.

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