• Μαριος Μαυρος 3 years ago

    Although her live on the Greek NF was messed up & problematic i think that she would be able to deliver just a fine performance in Vienna though…And yeah i agree as she could get a better more descent score result than the 19th place…I preferred Shaya to win over Maria Eleni Kyriakou…Although my #1 favorite to win was dear Barrice though…Shaya was my 2nd favorite…Maria Eleni was just my 4th favorite among the 5 acts..
    Hopefully Shaya will try again with participating on a future greek NF with even a better song than the good *SunShine*…And hopefully she will be more lucky & will win next time with representing Greece in EuroVision..
    I like her as artist…She has nice aura…If she leaves the sh*t it will be just ok 4 her..

  • Martin 3 years ago

    Did she actually see a playback of her NF performance? That, repeated in Vienna, would have definitely been Greece’s first non-qualification for the Eurovision Final…