Sharon Doorson can make anyone high on her love. The singer/songwriter first dropped like a bomb upon America in June with a tune titled, “High on Your Love,” from her forthcoming studio album, Killer on Cloud 9 Dance (Armin Van Buuren’s sister label). With her killer vocals making there way across the air and webwaves- from her native Netherlands to America and beyond – she’s ready to take all markets by storm. VIBE sat Doorson down to talk collaborating with hip-hop and EDM heavyweights across the world, the right moves to make as a female in the “all boys club” of the music industry and singing her own track, which was originally meant for Rihanna.

You’ve collaborated with EDM big-timers like Armin van Buuren and Tiësto, as well as hiphop heavyweights like Wayne and Flo Rida. Do you have a most memorable studio experience with one or two of them you can share?
I haven’t actually worked with all of them, but I know Armin, and so many people have suggested that we work together someday especially for the Eurovision Song Contest. That is something I’d really love to do. Tearce Kizzo produced my song, “Bad Medicine,” which was originally written for Rihanna. I ended up being the lucky one to sing it!